Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Fever

Yesterday, one of our best friends jumped onto the "three-children-bandwagon"!! Of course, we ran up to the hospital as soon as we got the "OK" from the tired momma! It's been a while since I held a newborn. Boy, do they feel so nice. With their tiny smushed up faces, all bundled up, sleeping away in your arms, not a care in the world! I didn't want to give her up. She made Lillian seem so old, big, and heavy!!!

I couldn't help but miss it so bad and it really gave me baby fever. Trust me, I felt crazy too. I mean, I have three of 'em already! I'm open to more children but I'm just getting my body back. Well, kind soon a 'little bit' is ready to give me up - and I'm totally ready if ya know what I mean. And I don't really like being pregnant. And I'm finally getting good sleep regularly again.

Luckily, I went to the zoo with my two preggers cousins. It helped a lot, needless to say! They are super positive girls, but the pregnancies are wearing on them already. Heartburn, swollen ankles, braxton hicks contractions, fatigue, can't bend over, etc. It quickly jerked me back into reality!

Does that feeling go away eventually? The baby fever??? When do you know your family is complete?

OMG.........I'm feeling it again just lookin' at that picture!!! Can I take her home....please?.... pretty please!?!?!


  1. I know what you mean. I've asked that same question to a lot of people. We want 5 and I can't imagine knowing I was "done" now.
    Hopefully one day I'll have that feeling though!

  2. I have had baby fever a lot more since having Asher. After Tristan, I was good with one for a while. Now that I have two, and I'm seeing all these sweet little ones, I'm always thinking of having another.
    I try to remind myself that I am not a fan of pregnancy AT ALL, that I get HUGE, and that my body needs a MAJOR rest after the last stretch. Too, I'm trying to enjoy Ash while he's still a baby and Tristan as he sets out on all his new ventures (t-ball being my most recent favorite).
    I'm constantly trying to deal with Christian school in my head too. Since I do not feel the call AT ALL to homeschool, yet I want my boys to have a Christian education, the cost of private school is always in the back of my head. So...I guess for now, we'll save, save, save and plan on another day.
    One last thing that keeps me from jumping into the whole baby #3 game is that we plan to stop at 3 (absolutely no more than 4), and I just can't see having my very last baby now. I think I would have MAJOR baby fever later!!! :):):)
    You, however, are cut out for having babies. You are super adorable pregnant, lose the baby weight in RECORD time, and still manage to keep your life going with all your babies in tow. All traits to be admired. So I say...jump in! Have another one. What's one more??? ;)

  3. I completely agree with are one of those women who could EASILY have 5 or 6 kids! Go for it!!!

  4. You see how fast baby fever hit me after one! I have no idea how I will ever know I am done. There is just something about tiny babies all bundled up that makes you forget all of the pregnancy problems. This pregnancy has been totally different than my first one, so that makes me think I could do this again and again! Yikes!


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