Thursday, April 19, 2012

Got Picked Again

A pic I took of Rhodes last year on my phone was picked in The Pioneer Woman's latest photography contest!  Kinda fun since there were way over 200,000 pics submitted!  Last year I had a photo chosen for a "Funny" contest.  The one of Robert holding me on the beach and pretending he can't pick me up and I'm dying laughing.....see it HERE.

Anyway, check out her blog today with Rhodes on the beach!!!

Here's the post!

One a side note, I do not know HOW she DOES it all!  Home school, blog, write books, TV show, write recipes, clean her house(s)....seriously, I'd love to be a fly on her wall.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was spent with Robert's family!   I don't know if you remember last Easter we had with the baby ducks and how excited Rhodes was.  (And that's an understatement!)

But this year we got to spend it with our other cousins - including our newest one Baby K!!  We played and played and hunted eggs and dyed eggs.  So much fun getting our time in with them!

Easter morning we got up and dressed for church.  I tried to get some pics of the kids - not as good as I'd like.  Landon and Lillian are out of focus because they weren't on the same plane as Olivia and Rhodes.  But oh well.  :)

Sweet sisters!

Silly Brothers!!

Rare family pic!!! Yay!!

Robert's brothers family.

The hubs and I. 

It was a great Easter and we were exhausted after all the fun!  I'm so glad we didn't have school on Monday because it turned into a PJ day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ford Has Visitors!

Today Ford's Great Grandparents came in town and since Lacey was at work they came to my house to visit him!

Ford was super excited! :)

They were so excited to see him!  They just ooooed and aaahhhed over him the whole time.

Mac's Aunt that came with them. 

It was so cute to see them get so excited to see Ford.  They love him very much.  And I'm so glad I was around for them to stop by and visit!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Nephew

This past weekend over Easter (more on that later!) I did a impromptu, very informal baby shoot.  Baby K is 6 weeks old and super cute.  I had no "props" or anything.  We just grabbed a blanket and pillow and went outside in the shade.  I really enjoy the "no pressure" of it being a job.  But then when you get some cute shots, it feels great!  Love doing this for my family. 

Here are a few!

Looking at Mommy!

My sweet sister in law!

Big sister!~

Then he turned on the super cuteness and started smiling!!

Afterward, all the other cousins came out.  I pulled out and snapped some shots.  He loved all the attention!

Baby K was quite a hit over the weekend.  All the kids enjoyed cuddling with him!  Next time I'll see him he'll probably be sitting up!!!  Or crawling!  Who knows! 

Had so much fun with family this weekend!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Ford Turns 6 Months!

Baby Ford is 6 months now.  He's sitting up very well now.  We ran out and took some quick shots this morning.  I will say, it's not easy snapping pics of a baby by myself.  Really needed someone jumping up and down behind me.  :)

All these taken with my 50mm f/1.4 lens.  ISO 100 aperture between f/1.4 and f/2.0 shutter speed between 1/320 to 1/640 depending on my aperture.  Cropped (if needed) in Camera raw and adjusted white balance a little.  Boosted clarity and contrast a bit and VOILA! :)

He's such a sweet, chill, laid back baby!!!