Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day

We interrupt this unintentional blog hiatus to post obligatory first day of school pics!  I've done this for years and LOVE seeing them grow!!

My fourth grader!!

My silly 2nd grader!


There were only a few tears shed once we got to school by Lillian.  Unlike last year where there were tears ALL MORNING and for many mornings at school after that.

But her second morning was great and she pranced right on into school!

The beginning and end of summer are always very interesting transitions.  To me at least.  You go all school year with them being gone (i still had 2 at home 2.5 days a week) and then BAM!  They're home all summer long!  Then all the sudden again...POOF!  They're gone.  I feel like I have a 2 week time of re-figuring out each season.  Even though I felt so busy during the school year last year, I felt SUPER busy having them home all summer.  And today, even though the kids have been gone for 1.5 days, it feels quiet, weird, and slow at home. It's sure to pick back up soon! ;)

One of the things I'm looking forward to this fall is getting the house back in order.  I don't think I got to really deep clean my house all summer.  It was a "spot clean as needed" kind of summer.  But there was never a day, like I normally have, we I go all out touching ever surface!  I'm also looking forward to finishing potty training Rhodes.  I take a very relaxed approach which works well for us, but it's time to solidify it! :) 

While I'm not sure I'm quite looking forward to this, I plan on completely cleaning out all the kids clothes from newborn to 9 years old.  Once we find out what the baby is I plan on tackling this.  I was really good for many years putting away all the old clothes and keeping them organized, but somewhere after Rhodes was born I fell off the band wagon - big time!  And we ran out of room to put any more boxes!!  Maybe some room will magically appear!  HA!

This fall will be very busy for us in extra curricular activities as well.  We like to try new sports in the fall which tends to be a more relaxed season where we play.  Olivia is jumping into softball!!  She is doing very well after one practice and I feel she will be caught up in no time.  Landon will test the waters in flag football.  Both of these sports are one practice and one game a week - with some optional practices.  I guess if we have time we will attend.  Also, Lillian started ballet/jazz and it is SO.STINKING.CUTE!  Those tiny little girls in their leotard and shoes!  So cute.  She will have a big recital at the end of the year.  I've never had 3 in something at the same time, so I'm really curious how all this sports stuff fits in with homework and getting to bed at a decent hour!  We shall see.......

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

how we told

Robert and I went back and forth on when/how to tell the kids and our family/friends.  I kinda wanted to wait a while longer after my 11 week appointment, but Robert was ready to get it out.  I just know that once you tell kids that are our kids ages, they will tell everyone they know! ;)

So we were celebrating Robert's birthday on a Sunday night, I was 12 weeks.  We were at my parents house and decided to go for a quick walk on the golf course before dinner.  As we were leaving, a "mysterious present" appeared on the doorstep with this note attached!

In the package were 6 cards - numbered with a name on it.  They were passed out and read one at a time.

Dad read the first.

Mom read the second one...

The third one isn't pictured, but it read "will get" and Mac read it.

Lacey read the 4th one...

And Robert stalled...then read the 5th one. 

If I recall correctly, my mom squealed.  My dad said, "are you serious?" :) and the kids were maybe slightly confused.  :)  But they quickly caught on. 

Appointment update!!  Went to the doc today (8/7/12) and everything was perfect!  Heartbeat in the 160s! 15 weeks 2 days AND 4 weeks from today we FIND OUT!!  I haven't been so excited about something in so long!  These next 4 weeks will crawl by I'm sure!   I'm also looking forward to feeling the baby move.  I felt Landon around 15+ weeks and Rhodes around 16+ weeks, so I feel like it should be any day now.  Baby kicks are by far my most favorite (and probably only) part or pregnancy I truly enjoy.  I've also had a few bouts of heartburn - never had it SO early!  Not fun....but all well worth it!!