Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blonder and Browner

So we're having some crazy fun lately!  And most of it isn't conducive with taking pictures!!  When we're at the pool, I usually have my hands on kids.  And I'm not going to risk taking my eye of them to take pictures.  :-)

BUT, I did decided to snap a pic while I was inching back over to the "blonde side" of things.  Yes, $6.99 people!!  Best highlights ever.  Well, not ever.  Paying hundreds of $$ will maybe look better, but I think my $6.99 little box of Revlon frost and glow does BETTER than just good!

Hello Blondie!

It's actually not quite as blonde as it looks in that picture.  In fact, Robert didn't even notice when he came home.  Go figure.  But I'm definitely a little brighter these days!  Love being lighter in the summer!

And with some blonder lockes, we are also browning up nice and golden as well.

Yes, thanks to Robert's heritage, my kids just BROWN as soon as you stick them out in the sun.  No matter what SPF I put on them.  Not that I'm complaining.  I actually like a little healthy glow.

I wonder how dark we will be by the end of summer?  You should see Olivia!!  She is super DARK!!!  Lord help me when she's a teenager!  At least she won't be asking to go to tanning beds...right?

He's "kicking" in that pic.  Quite the little swimmer he's been.  With foam floaties of course.  I will post pictures SOON!  He is hilarious just floating around in the big pool!

I have to say, we are so busy this summer, I can't help but think of the up coming school year.  I'm gonna be SO BORED when they go back to school!!  I'm thoroughly enjoying all the hustle and bustle so far!  And so much more to come!!!

*(We'll revisit the "thoroughly enjoying the hustle and bustle" in August.  I may be in tears by then!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Due September 2011: Showering Ford!

Lacey had her baby shower last night.  Ford is one blessed little baby already!  Lacey and Ford received some GREAT things! 

The hostesses did a great job.  All the details were amazing!  So was the food!!

There was a table with Lacey and Mac's baby pictures and a tree you wrote a little "wish" for Ford and then hang it on the tree.

There were "mom"jitos for the preggers, and other delightful things to sip on as well!

All of her sweet friends!!!

Lacey's 27 week baby bump!

She's in the third trimester now!  The countdown is ON!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

They Shared The Day!

Lillian's 4th birthday fell on Father's Day this year!  So there was lots of celebrating.  We started off with breakfast in bed and cards for Robert.  Then took him to lunch.  ;-)

And that afternoon/evening we had friends over to celebrate Lillian!  Since it was 100 degrees outside, we decided anything with water would be perfect!

Slip 'n Slide it was!!

We all hung out and grilled! 

Opened presents!!

And played with balloons!

And babies.

Precious 6 week old Baby K!

I even introduced the kids to helium.  They thought it was HILARIOUS!

Then it was time to eat cake.  Oh, this cake.  Last year's Tinkerbell cake didn't give me nearly this much trouble.  I'm happy with how she turned out only because she was a MILLION times worse earlier in the day.  I thought she couldn't be saved.  She was melting, the icing rather, and too tall.  So after a little while in the fridge, and a small ankle amputation, she looked MUCH better.

But let's face it, I don't have cake decorating skills. 

Then we got to eat her!!!  Uncle Mac is so silly...

Hoping she doesn't notice there are no feet on Cinderella. 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Better Than Nothing!

I have to admit, I use to hate when people would do an "iPhone dump" on their blogs.  But I get it now!  I have pictures that no one would ever see if I don't do this.  Some I have shared on Facebook, Twitter (@olemissmom) and Instagram (lrmcclel).  Others I've never shared!  So if you wanna follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will see many more snapshots (pun intended) of our little life. 

Oh, and are there any other photography apps that y'all think I would like?  I have photoshop express and instagram.  Those are free, but I've been eyeing Hipstamatic and it's $1.99.

Any other apps that I should know about???

Landon looking out over the lake one morning.

Robert serenading me.

Can't decide whether to ski or tube.

3 little cuties!

Watching Olivia ski.

Rhodes just being cute. :-)

One of the kids doing the zip line at McWane Center.

Lillian doing the zip line at the McWane Center.  She's getting very brave these days!  I think she falls at the end of this one. 

Rhodes being cute and playing withe me in bed. 

How I found Lillian sleeping one day.  Under the covers on her floor.  Whatever.

The kids riding in the cooler before I packed it for the lake.

Rhodes really excited about those doughnuts!

About to get on the boat!

Robert trying to relearn his mad wake boarding skills from last year!

Beautiful Olivia!

Typical Lacey humor.

Trying to make the kids swim back to the dock.  They came back to the boat. :(

Just a little late night guitar hero - Robert style!

My men!

GONE!  Wore out.

Waiting for someone to fall aslseep...sometimes I have to sit in her room for 5 minutes.

A little lovin' from Rhodes.

Some cutie patooties.  3 out of 4 bathed the night Robert was out of town!

A little person trying to escape!


Vacation Bible School!

Tap shoe for an almost 4 year old!!

And lots and lot of swimmming lately!