Friday, June 24, 2011

Due September 2011: Showering Ford!

Lacey had her baby shower last night.  Ford is one blessed little baby already!  Lacey and Ford received some GREAT things! 

The hostesses did a great job.  All the details were amazing!  So was the food!!

There was a table with Lacey and Mac's baby pictures and a tree you wrote a little "wish" for Ford and then hang it on the tree.

There were "mom"jitos for the preggers, and other delightful things to sip on as well!

All of her sweet friends!!!

Lacey's 27 week baby bump!

She's in the third trimester now!  The countdown is ON!!!


  1. This is a random comment..well really a question. Where did the frames come from that the botanical prints are framed in??? They are in the picture with just your sister. Not where the shower was but I need some of those!
    Love your make my days seem less chaotic:)))

  2. @Ashlee

    Hi Ashlee! I have no idea where the hostess got them! So sorry!


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