Monday, June 6, 2011

My Summer Routine

I know I keep saying this, but I can't get over how much easier this summer is than last summer!!  It's been SOOO fun!

So far our days have looked like this.

SLEEP IN UNTIL 7:30 or 8:00.   Yes SIR!

Can I get an AMEN!??  It.Is.Glorious.

Then we eat, clean up, get dressed and pack up for the morning.  Last week it was head to the gym and let mommy get her sweat on for an hour and then go swim.  And WOW, it's hot and we're all sweating up a storm in my classes.  But it feels oh so good.

Then I go change into my bathing suity and get the kids.  We swim from 10:30 to whenever we get hungry or someone has a meltdown.  ;-)

Come home, eat lunch, put the younger 2 down for nap (sometimes the WHOLE house - including me -  has to go down - I just use my mom radar for that one) and I get whatever I need to get done around here.  Sometimes it's computer work, usually keeping the laundry going, cooking dinner, and if I'm lucky, a shower for me! 

I've also incorporated a mandatory READING time for the older ones.  We are trying to keep up with the summer reading, but when you have 3 that need YOU to either read TO them or read WITH them, it gets crazy.  I keep telling them, "Guys, there's 4 of you and one of me - I'm doing the best I can!"

Then after some reading time, they are free to watch some TV.  If it weren't 100 degrees outside, I'd force them out there.  But quite frankly, I wouldn't want to be out there and can't bring myself to lock force them outside.  And sometimes I get sucked into all the old I Love Lucy episodes too. 

Some afternoons we head back out for errands or library time.  Tonight it happens to be softball for Robert.  Can't wait!

This week we started a VBS.  So after our morning routine, I drop the older 2 off at VBS, head to the gym and then take the younger two to the baby pool.   Read: Mommy lounges by the gated baby pool and works on her tan while the little ones play.  As opposed to having to get in with all four in the big pool and have them hang on me the whole time.  Which is FINE but I also like to relax sometimes.  :-)

Then we head to get Olivia and Landon and go home for our afternoon routine. 

I make myself stay home all day about one day a week to do major cleaning and catching up.  But I've found that the more we're gone, the less the house gets messed up!  IMAGINE THAT!

Evenings are spend in the driveway playing, or doing something fun with Robert.  Sometimes a cookout or any other activity we can find. 

With Robert's new job, he will be occasionally traveling, so establishing my little routine early in the summer I'm sure will be helpful. 

So, just in case you were wondering how we are spending our days, that's the skeleton of it all! 

Do you have a general routine you follow???

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  1. Sounds delightful! As soon as our pool starts its weekday hours, we'll be hitting up the baby pool most days. Hands down, the best way to pass a summer day, in my opinion. Now, if only I could get my boys to adopt the sleeping in part of your routine...


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