Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Buddies

My good friend Rachael and I were lucky enough to be pregnant together! It's always fun to have a pregnant girlfriend to chat with for 9 months - and we definitely chatted our pregnancies up! :-) We were due about 2 weeks apart but had our babies on the same day! How ironic!! :-)

So Rhodes and sweet baby Joseph have the same birthday - and had their first play date together last week.

Thanks Abby for taking our picture!!


And....this is what they did the whole time! :-)



I'm glad little Rhodes has a buddy that's exactly the same age as him!! :-) It certainly will be fun to watch them grow up!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Feelin' Like Fall Y'all

How about that weather on Sunday! Yes, I'll take more of that please! More than anything I'm ready for the mosquitoes to disappear! We all seem to get eaten alive every time we go outside...especially after all this rain we've had. But I think that nice crisp fall air is going to be settling in around here now. FINALLY!

Olivia had a recitation on Friday! Her little class is precious. They recited the Code of Conduct and the poem "Happy Days" by Oglevee. She did great - she's always memorized things very easily!


We cooked out Friday night and Uncle Walton got to meet baby Rhodes!


We got an early start on pumpkins last week too. And the kids were dying to paint them. We took some inspiration from these:


And got these:





And we also learned that Rhodes HATES baths - right now at least. I can't remember which children loved them or hated them. I'm pretty sure Olivia hated them at first. Landon probably liked them. And I think Lillian did too. But he's not so fond of them right now. Maybe it's because he has such a large audience. ;-) I wouldn't want to bathe in front of people either!


Speaking of Rhodes, Saturday night I fed him and put him down around 8:00. Which means I pretty much go straight to bed to get a head start on some Zzzz's. So around 1:45 am I wake up and it's quiet. I realize that I haven't gotten up with Rhodes at his usual time to eat - around midnight. So instead of going back to sleep and enjoying the extra sleep, my mind starts racing as to "why" he's not awake. So I get up and check on him. He's practically smiling in his sleep, snug as a bug. I tried to wake him because I don't want him going too long between feedings right now - really for my sake. :-) He hardly wake and eats so I just put him back down and didn't hear another peep out of him until 4:30 am. I think I've done that with every baby - get up because they're sleeping "so good" that you worry!! haha

He's such a good baby! And we had a lovely weekend!! Hope you did too!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Weeks

Seriously, could he BE any cuter?

I was able to catch him wide awake and take some 2 week old shots! It was so much fun!! :-)







Oh, life is tough when you're 2 weeks old!




IMG_0029 copy


Thursday, September 24, 2009

All In A Weeks Work

I'm still alive!! All six of us too! And things are still going well. I really have nothing to complain about. I am actually getting some sleep and sweet friends have brought us lots of YUMMY food! It has been such a blessing and helps out tremendously to not have to work my brain too hard and think about what to cook for dinner.

We also had a lovely visit with Robert's parents! They did 2 awesome things - (1) brought us a 6" cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory - YUMMO!!! and (2) took the 3 older kids to The Bass Pro shop for a couple of hours - which in turn made our house eerily quiet. But it was nice and relaxing.

On another note, this week I have been peed on more times that I'd like to admit. The walls have had their share too. I've also been projectile pooped on - like, it almost went in my eye - which happens to be a FIRST for me! Also this week, our toilet overflowed at peak chaos time in the morning and I had to leave the mess until I returned from my morning mommy duties to clean it up.

But on a positive note, this week Robert and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at a nice quiet dinner just the 2 of us. And the best part of it all, to our surprise, our check was picked up by another couple in the restaurant that are friends of my family. What a nice treat!

I also attempted (keyword) to get pictures of the kids together. And that's all I have to say about that. I'll just show you.

Seriously, why do I try.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Thought Today Was Saturday

So my days are running together a bit. Understandable. But I have a pretty cute excuse!


So this was my first week SOLO with the kids! It went very well!

Monday, I told Olivia that we could take Rhodes up to circle time at school and introduce him to everyone. She was so proud and it was fun to show him off! ;-) They also gave him a baby blessing! It was so sweet to hear these sweet children pray over Rhodes! Then Olivia's teacher (who is also a long time friend) spoke a wonderful blessing over him. I loved it so much that I told Robert I wished she had written it down! The next day, the blessing appeared in Olivia's folder - thanks to Robert mentioning it to her!

Here it is:

"Rhodes - May his road be easily traveled! He will not look to the left or the right but will hear a voice behind him saying "This is the way, walk in it!"

I just love it!

Tuesday I was brave and ventured out with 3 of them to the library for story time. It went well. Though we were rushing back in order to get everyone fed!!

I have managed to get a nap every day but one since his birth! Even though my nights are going surprisingly well, it's still rough to not get more than 3-4 hour chunks at a time.

People seemed so shocked to see me up and out this week. I don't really understand. You see, I feel better NOW than I did the last month of my pregnancy! With each baby, the transition seems easier and easier! I have 3 other kids to care for. I can't lay in bed for 2 weeks nor do I want to! It's not like I'm at the gym yet - though I am itchin' to get there! I had an easy, quick delivery and therefore recovery is not nearly like it was after Olivia's birth! Things go back much quicker and with less pain by the 4th time around!

My mom has also been able to help and take kids when needed! I'm not so much fun right now and the days we don't leave I think they get pretty bored! Plus, taking just one child makes such a huge difference around the house!

On the agenda this weekend - set the crib up in Landon's room! With Rhodes doing so well at night, we are going to try to move them together sooner than we moved the girls! I'm also sewing a blue baby sling! I've been carrying him in the pink one that I used for Lillian and everyone thinks he's a girl. I'm also looking forward to getting a NICE, LONG, uninterrupted, nap with my awesome husband's help!!

Last but not least, Robert's parents are coming in town this weekend to meet Rhodes! We are looking forward to some nice quality time with them and the kids!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I've never done a wordless Wednesday - but here I go blowing it by typing!

Some pictures of Landon and Rhodes! I hope they will be the best of buds one day!!!!








Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One of the things I try hardest as a mother is to really enjoy each little moment that comes with each stage my children are in. I will say, it gets easier to do with each child because you are reminded of truly how fast they grow.

So while I have a sweet newborn that wakes me up at night, I will sit and stare at him in the middle of the night until I can't hold my eyes open anymore because I will never get that time back with him!

And then I look up and realize I have a little boy that is growing up so fast that he's already "going long" for touchdowns and catches while playing football with his Dad! And a little boy that is turning into quite a little sports pro - with a very proud father!

Landon was taking this very seriously last weekend when we took our first family outing to the park!

Look at some of those faces - he is SERIOUS! He was catching a lot of them too...even while running!










Look out Peyton and Eli...you may have an Ole Miss record breaker there in about 15 years!!! :-)