Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can't blog but I can post a little!!

I'll Be Back

Been doing a little of this!!  Follow me on instagram to see LOTS more pics of our week!!  lrmcclel  :-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday iPhone Dump!

This man....

Played a 152 point word on me the other night on words with friends.  CRAZY!  It's his first ever game and he's killing me.

I often put my kids to work.  Landon's a great helper and I'm so glad their old enough to help out!!

We always clean in style.  ;-)  Olivia is organizing her drawers in the back ground.

While I was at the doctors office for TWO HOURS with FOUR KIDS.....

I was looking through a magazine and saw this:

Seriously WHAT will they come up with next.  And do you think they've made and sales??

Just a funny pictures of Robert brushing Rhodes' teeth.

Me and Lillian about to go out to dinner.

Rhodes scaling the railing and scaring strangers to death at dinner. 

Lillian getting in on the action. 


Sun bathing.


Everyone wants to feel baby Ford move!!

We love free ice cream from Bruster!!

Like I said, I put my kids to work.  I will take what I can get.

Looking at old photo albums!

Getting windblown at the McWane center.

Face to face with a tarantula. 

We got to see the scorpian, tarantula, and hissing cock roaches!

Silly Audrey.  The kids put a star on her. 

My silly sushi date.

Best bday card ever.

And the fact that it has a cat on it is just icing on the cake. 

Sometime I ask myself the same question.  ;-)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I Never Have To Buy Makeup....

......and a few products I can't live without.

I have lots of makeup.  Like LOTS.  I kinda got obsessed with QVC several years ago (don't judge!) :-) and signed up for auto-delivery for a couple (ok a lot) of Bare Escentuals products and kits.  BUT IT WAS A GREAT DEAL!  It really lie.

I just thought, great, I'm stocked up for several years.  Til a friend came over and saw my drawers.  Then she told me I had a problem.  ;-)

Drawer 1:

This drawer is my main stuff.  Every couple of months I'll clean it out and rotate colors.  Seasonally usually.  There is no way to keep this stuff organized.  But I always seem to know right where something is. 

Makeshift Drawer 2:

This drawer sits above our bathroom cabinet.  It's for special occasions and times I want a little color.  If I wanna mix things up, I pull this out and play.  It also keeps all the EXTRA face/eye colors I received in all those kits from QVC! :-)

Also, as far as expiration dates, I'm pretty sure minerals don't expire.  From what I've read/heard the company HAS to put an expiration date on them, but in my experience, NO harm has come from using them after.  Other stuff like mascara, etc, I chunk.  :)

please ignore our colorful sponge-painted walls.  we re did every room of the house BUT this one when we moved one sees it anyways...until now :p

I won't even show you the bucket of makeup up in my closet.  Which I'm really saving for the girls to play with one day.  My mom had a stash for us when we were little and I have MANY fond memories of playing in it.  Still do enjoy playing with it!! haha

So that is why I NEVER have to buy makeup.  BUT, recently I've run out of foundation and am having to buy it on a regular basis now.  I use BareMinerals matte foundation that is also infused with their RareMinerals complex.  I'm not sure if it works or not, but I'm pretty much stuck on this foundation and won't try anything else.  ;)

Another product I can't live without is this Urban Decay potion primer.  You put this on before eyeshadow/ ain't going anywhere!  I use this daily!

This product I've been using for SO long.  It has me hooked.  Since bare minerals are loose minerals, this turns whatever color you want to line your eyes with into a waterproof liner sealer.  Use this with the eye primer, and you are SET!  I use this daily too.

Onto face primer.  I don't use this everyday.  Only when I know I have a LONG day ahead of me or a special occasion I'll swipe this on.  It's like the minerals are set in place after you buff them on your face.

So, the thing that sparked the idea of a post like this was that I FINALLY ran out of concealer, and was forced to break down and buy some new.  I ran into Sephora and talked to the ladies.  I told them I wanted something that would last/cover/match and OH, was also in the $20-25 range.  Well, they were SUPER helpful and we came in UNDER budget with this Benefit Boi-ing concealer for $18.  It's considered industrial strength and so far, I like it. It actually made me realize how "off" my previous concealer was!  YIKES!

And last but not least BRUSHES!!!

This is just a handful of them.  I would get anywhere from 2-4 brushes with my kits from QVC.  And BareMinerals has some GREAT quality brushes.  Best eyeshadow brushes I've ever used.  I wash with face soap every so often and let them air dry.  But I kinda like that the minerals stay in so that if I ever need a touch up,  I just buff the brush over my face. 

So are there any other great makeup products I need to know about??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanging Around

A typical Sunday evening at our house is cooking a laid back dinner, hamburgers this night, and paying outside.  I usually consists of some kinda of ball activity with the boys.  And the girls, well, they didn't come out much.  :-)  I think Olivia was busy inside doing something.  We are definitely moving into the tween phase.  Just barely.  But I think I'm getting glimpses.

Rhodesie boy just ran around and played his little heart out.

Leave it to Landon to get crazy on Lillian's bike.  He asked me to take this picture. 

Love, love, love little squishy toddler legs. 

We, and by we I mean Olivia/Landon/Robert, are growing a couple of plants.  I seriously have a BLACK THUMB and cannot grow anything.  BUT, also our yard don't get any full sun.  And it's hard to grow veggies that need full sun in a yard without full sun.  Which I'm really not complaining about because it makes it so much more tolerable to play outside.

Landon is growing jalapenos and Olivia is growing cherry tomatoes. 

Oh, she made a quick appearance with her rapunzel doll.  That she wanted me to put a rubber band and bow in her hair just like her own. 

LOVE this pictures.  Look at that sweet face!  I really hope he plays baseball again. 

You would never know that he stuck his tongue out at me just hours before.  And told me I tried to "kill him" for helping him put his goggles on at the pool (I think goggle bands pulled his hair).  Perseverance.  Consistency.  Loving Discipline.  Whew...he keeps me on my toes.

And he's getting a hair cut THIS WEEK!

Bite? Bite?  Rhodes has a spatula with mud on it.  Think he's been watching the girls "cook"?

Future baseball boy!!

Oh yeah!!

He's ready.  Do they have a two year old division??

Can you tell I have my photoshop back up and running!?  SOO happy to get that back on.  I didn't enjoy iphoto and RAW.  Glad to be back in my photo routine.