Monday, July 28, 2008

You Want ME!?!?!

I had the craziest, coolest phone call the other evening with incredible potential for some really awesome opportunities!

Ok, where do I start...I'll back up a little. But I'll get right to the point. I love makeup. Yup...I do. Always have. Always will. It's fun for me and I pretty much have a least blush and mascara on ALL the time. I've even been made fun of for wearing it to the gym! (A girl doesn't need to scare anyone off now do we!) With that said, I have a special place in my heart my bathroom for all my mineral makeup. I started wearing mineral makeup over 5 years ago and haven't looked back at any other makeup since! It's so good for your skin. It was actually created for people with sensitive skin and rosacea. It's %100 natural, it's a natural sunscreen, no fillers, oils, or perfumes....and coverage is amazing. My skin has gotten even better since I started wearing mineral makeup. It's also very quick and easy to apply, no lines of demarcation, and matches skin perfectly! It's like airbrushing your face to a flawless finish.

So, my mom ordered a Sheer Cover makeup kit off late night infomercials years ago. She got me playing around with it because she could tell it was "different". I was amazed! I didn't know much about it but they had me hook, line, and sinker! I immediately got on their shipment plan.

Fast forward 5+ years. I still use Sheer Cover daily, mixed with a ton of other mineral makeup, like eye colors, blushes, etc. So a few months ago, I got a flyer in the mail from Sheer Cover saying if you send us your before and after pictures and answer 5 questions, we'll send you free makeup. Did you say FREE MAKEUP!! Where do I sign up.

Anyway, I snapped off a couple of pictures bare faced and then "all done up" and emailed them in. Got my freebies and went on my merrier little mineral makeup way.

6 pm Monday night...children hungry/whiny, husband not home yet, baby has a low grade fever (probably from teething), momma trying to cook a fancy rings. We don't have caller i.d. so I pick it up. Typical "may I please speak to Lindsay?" where you totally know they're a telemarketer. I almost hung up, but decided to spare her the wrath of Lindsay for calling during "arsenic hour" in her home.

I hear "This is soandso from Lieberman Productions with Sheer Cover calling about the pictures and questionnaire you sent in!"

I perk up and put my, 'oh, why hellooooooooo......cheery, happy-go-lucky tone of voice on'!

Long story short, they liked the answers to my questions that I sent in with my before/after pictures! They continued to interview me and really liked my story. That being the whole mom/daughters use the same makeup angle and the fact that I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids angle! COOL!! She personally emailed me asking for more pictures (close up with and without makeup on - ummm scary!!) and even some pictures with my mom and sister!!! She said I couldn't send "too many"!! CRAZY.

At the end of the conversation, she closed saying, "Now, if we wanted to fly you out to California to be in the infomercial, would that be a problem?"

With all three kids wailing in the background I said, "Let's just say, you wouldn't have to beg me!" She laughed, I told her that wouldn't be a problem, a vacation from the kiddos would be great, and we ended the conversation.

So we'll see. I'll get some more pics soon and email them in. Even if they don't follow up, I think it's pretty cool they called me personally!

But if things work may be lookin' at the new infomercial girl (or girls) for Sheer Cover!! Hehe...I'd make sure everyone caught the 2am showing! Oh, and any free makeup perks would be great too.

And to think my husband wanted me to cancel my precious mineral makeup shipments...........

CVS Trippin'

Back by popular demand (again!), I'm posting my weekly CVS trips!!

First transaction:

1 Stayfree pads $4.50
1 Stayfree pads $4.50
1 Johnson baby wash $3.99
1 Johnson baby wash $3.99
1 Listerine mouthwash $4.00
1 CVS makeup removing cleansing cloths $2.99
4 Trident gum $1.49 each

coupons used:

listerine $0.50
johnsons $1.00
johnsons $1.00
B1G1 Stayfree $4.50
CVS skin $2.00
ECB $15.98
CVS $3.00 off $15.00 purchase
ECB $1.00

TOTAL out of pocket: $1.75

RECEIVED back: $14.00 for johnsons products, gum, and CVS towlettes

Second Transaction:

2 Starbursts bags $5.00 (don't tell my kids!) :-)
2 Gummi Lifesavor bags B1G1 $2.19
6 Reeses Cups $3.00 (those aren't going to last long around me!)
1 Bandaid $2.99
1 Revlon eyeshadow $9.99
NEWSPAPER (not pictured - but bought just for the coupons) $1.50


bandaid $1.00
Gummi lifesavers B1G1 $2.19
CVS $3.00 off $15.00 purchase
ECB $10.00
ECB $5.00
ECB $1.00
ECB $1.00

Total out of pocket: $1.95 (I basically paid for the newspaper - it would have been pennies if I hadn't gotten that!)

Received back:

$16.99 ECB from Revlon, bandaid, and candy!

I saved a total of $64.81!!!!!! And spend only $3.70 out of pocket! Pretty good, eh!?

A couple of things that I want to pass along.

1) ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!! (I thought this idea was stupid at first)
I would say almost 1 out of 5 "strategic shopping" trips, something goes wrong on the receipt! Whether it's a wrong price, or a coupon that they added instead of subtracted (big one!), you want to make sure it's correct!! I usually do this in the car before I pull out of the parking lot! I had to go back in yesterday because the computer wasn't giving me my rewards for the candy! And they were more than happy to help me!

Now that I've been frequenting a few CVS stores around town, the cashiers are starting to recognize me. Now, we're not on a first name basis (YET!), but they are getting pretty friendly. For example, one pushes coupons through for me if they've expired. I also a little short of making $30 mark so that I could use a $5 coupon and he pushed it on through anyways! WOW! They will also give me the ads ahead of time and even check in the back for items that are out on the shelves. One even gives me tips on getting the most out of my shopping trips and ECBs!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend and gears up for a great week! I officially have the kids home 24/7 until school starts. Pray for me! :-) I know God will give me the patience and energy. I'm just afraid other responsibilities will slip! Surprisingly, ::note the sarcasm:: I'm not perfect...and also seriously disorganized! But hey, I've become pretty domesticated over the past 6 years. Considering I never mopped a floor or ironed a shirt before I got married, the fact that I can halfway run a household with 3 small children and not lose my head too terribly often - well, we'll call that significant change!! I'm living proof it can be done!! :-)

So we'll see how often I get to post in the coming weeks!! :-) Who knows, I may have some pretty incredibly funny stories come along! :-)

My friend Annie posted this quote one time - it's pretty much sums me up!

"Keeping house is like threading beads on a string with no knot at the end."

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hermit crabs.....oh, where do I start. My parents 'gifted' us with one a few weeks ago. I mean.....they 'gifted' Olivia with one. Considering I've owned a few hermit crabs in my short life, I'm sure they enjoyed giving it to us more than Olivia enjoyed receiving it.....if ya know what I mean......

Of course my mom said, "At least it isn't a Lab!!"

:: point well taken ::

So we call him Mr. Crabby. At least that's what stuck.

He was exciting at first. It's tapered off a little since then. But I'm afraid I've he's grown on me a little. I's a stinkin' crustacean!!!!!!! But we make eye contact a lot, and I know the times of day he likes over others. And I'm the one who cleans his cage and feeds him!!! We've bonded. :-)


Robert got him out after dinner and decided to "play" with him. He was holding napkins and his cage. That little critter has some strength in that one little claw.

She was mad because we wouldn't let her touch him.

Olivia did not like us "playing" with her hermit crab. She was very concerned for him. It also could be because Daddy wanted to try and pull him out!!! He didn't, and she got over it!

So....I wonder how long he'll last???

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CVS Trippin'

Since so many of you enjoyed my CVS adventures, I thought every once in a while I'd show you what kind of deals I'm getting. I know it's helpful for me because sometimes I go and buy the same group of items to get the same type of deals!

So here it is (not too much):

2 L'oreal haircare (B1G1)
1 CVS baby wipes
1 CVS baby soap
2 Trident gum (B1G1)

coupons used:

L'oreal B1G1 coupon (made the shampoo and conditioner FREE)
$2 CVS skin care coupon (made wipes FREE)
$2 CVS skin care coupon (made baby soap FREE)
$1.00 in ECBs

Total cost out of pocket: $1.07

Received back $1.00 ECB (from trident)
Basically, I paid $0.07 for all this stuff.

Also, if this makes sense, I'm working towards $5.00 in ECB from buying $15.00 in CVS baby care items. So if I break up the transactions and buy a $2.00 item (wipes/soap) everytime, and use a $2.00 coupon everytime, I'll eventually receive $5.00 in extra care bucks - but bought everything for free. (This is where I had a hard time wrapping my head around things at first!) And that, my friends, how you "make money". :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

They're Gonna Be Pros

I love weddings. They are so much fun! Especially when you really know who's getting married - like our cousin!!! It was a beautiful day and wedding!! The whole weekend was amazing...bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony....and especially, the reception!!

The 3 (married) girl cousins!

Bride and flower girl!!

Bride, flower girl, and ring bearer!! I thought he was going to frisbee that pillow down the aisle...he kept swinging it around when we were practicing with it! But he was awesome!

We were at the church a long time before the ceremony! And they kids did great with everyone - including the wedding photographer! And we only popped off one button from Landon's outfit. I can deal with least he didn't get anything on his outfit before the ceremony.

And THANK GOODNESS for blackberries...Landon played a game on Robert's phone during the ceremony and he sat still (and quiet) the whole time!!!! YAY!

The happy couple!!!! It was such a beautiful ceremony. Everything (to my knowledge) went off without a hitch! Perfect weather, perfect lighting, and beautiful couple!

And their reception was AWESOME...the band played all the right songs...none too slow...and kept the crowd going the whole time. And to a family that loves to makes the night!!

My mom, me, my dad, brother, and sister!!

Now we just need to marry off those boys!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

This week has been very exciting! My cousin is marrying her sweetheart tomorrow! I love weddings! This one has been especially fun because we get to go to all the fun parties...even the bridesmaids luncheon - even thought I'm not a bridesmaid! BUT, Olivia is the flower girl and Landon is the ring bearer!!

We're praying they make it down the aisle without a hitch. I'm sure they will. They're going to look so sweet in their outfits - Olivia's dress is my cousin's old french hand-sewn dress!! And Landon has a sweet button-on shorts outfit...probably the last time I'm going to get him in one!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to ALL the weekend festivities! It's going to be a blast and I'm hoping to get some good pictures!!

Check out their engagement shoot with Bryan Johnson! :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where Did These Children Come From?

Lately, I haven't done much grocery shopping alone. I used to drop a couple of 'em off while Olivia was at school and get to do it by myself. Which was glorious. But now, since they're all under mamma's wing for the summer, they are dragged along with me on my shopping excursions. Most of the time, they're actually pretty good.

Funny story real quick...One day, while I was on the phone with my sis (which is almost twice daily), she was shopping in Walmart. Well, through the phone I heard a mom say, "If you don't shape up, I'll tear you up right here in the store!!!!!" ...clearly talking to a kid who was misbehaving. I have definitely been "that mom" before. We laughed quite a bit after that.

Anyway, the shelves at WallyWorld can be so tempting for my sweet kids' hands. Even strapped in the cart, they manage to find things to touch.

So, I'm about ready to check out and finally find an aisle where there were only two carts completely full waiting in line - and it was the shortest. BK (that's before kids) I would have normally said, "Yay, get to read all the magazines!!" AK (that's after kids) I say, "Shoot, gotta keep them from walking out with candy, toys, goodies, etc!"

Since only one fits in the front seat of buggy (Lillian) and I need room to unload groceries, I usually let Olivia and Landon down while I pay and load the cart. Half the time, I'm saying, "Put that back! NO, no candy! Stop opening all the toys!"

BUT, this time, I looked over and found the kids organizing all the toy cell phones and cameras and pens that are in the checkout aisle. Not only were they cleaning them all up, they were color coding them in the boxes!!!

By the time I paid, they organized, very neatly I must say, the toy cell phones, toy cameras, and glitter pens by box, row, and color.

Then, both held the cart and walk obediently to the car with me.

I'm thinking they were possessed by aliens that day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CVS Trippin'

Just one more...ok?!

I finished up my CVS trips yesterday. It just amazes me the savings you can find out there if you put your head into it %100.

2 photo books @ 7.99 each (that I plan on giving to grandparents!)
2 for $2.79 Colgate toothpaste
6 Sally Hansen nailpolishes @$.99 each
1 CVS hand soap @ $1.69


2 $1.50 Colgate coupons (made $.21)
3 $3.00 off 2 polishes (made $3 off those)
1 $2.00 CVS skin care coupon (made $.31 off that)
$3.00 off $15.00 purchase
$11.00 in Extra Care Bucks

Amount out of pocket $0.81
Then I earned $15.98 back in ECBs!!
(When you use ECBs and recieve ECBs back, that's called "rolling you bucks" - which is the whole idea!)

Basically that's a $15.17 profit, in ECBs, that I will totally use next week - because I can see the ad early online!

For all my friends that have already enjoy having savings like this all the time - thanks for inspiring me and keeping me going.

For everyone else that's in awe (like I have been), I hope I've planted a little seed of savings in your head!

Monday, July 14, 2008

How I Got Started

I've had several questions about how I do the shoppin' thang! SO...I thought I share what worked for me and how I got started!

First, last year I went to a shopping seminar that a woman from our church started a few years ago. She tried to cram a years worth of info into a 6-7 hour time frame - and she didn't get through!! She was overflowing with wonderful money saving information. As well as biblical principles to apply to everything!

So I got a jump start from that memorable Saturday. I immediately figured out a way to best organize my coupons. Which, for me, happens to be a hard plastic index card box - so that it fits in my purse/car! (Though it's almost filled to capacity and I'll need a second one soon - or a new way to organize them!) Then, you start to clip away! I get the Sunday paper delivered to our house. I also get the coupons out of my grandmother's paper. And if the coupons are really good, I'll go pick up a few more for $.99 at Walgreens. And you file those babies away! Also, clip every single coupon. I didn't understand why until I realized that even if I didn't use that particular item, if I could get it for free or "make money" from buying it, it was worth it. And I could bless someone else with it if the opportunity arose.

After getting the coupon clipping/organizing down, you gather the weekly ads. Grocery store ads run from Wednesday to Tuesday. Drugstore ads run from Sunday to Saturday. The biggest thing to know while reading the ads are price points. You need to know great prices on items to see if it's the best deal you can get. That takes some learning. BUT, once you train your brain, you'll unconsciously start filing numbers in the back of you head and memorize the lowest prices! I like to check out Walmart. They have "low" prices. So if a grocery/drug store is running a price for lower, and that store doubles coupons or has rebates, chances are you can get at least a %50 better price at that particular store than at Walmart - if not better.

So, when I first started with CVS, my earliest purchases weren't cheap. But I was buying things that gave me Extra Care Bucks back so that I could start snowballing that "money" into savings. I've messed up a few times too. I've learned to use my biggest ECB's first. And there are limits on how many times you can "do the deals". I tried to do one twice and had to return everything. YIKES!

With the help of many blogs, like the ones in the previous post, I'm finally getting the hang of it. And it's fun....really. And it makes your accountant, penny-counting, budget loving, incredibly hardworking (and good lookin') husband really happy too! :-)

About those blogs, if they're all pretty much all inter-connected. You can just keep clicking and find tons of $ blogs. There are ones for Target, Walgreens, RiteAid, Publix, even Walmart - all teaching you how to get the best deals. They link coupons, run the numbers, and even tell you what Sunday paper (by date) the coupon you should use can be found in!

As for the supermarkets, my favorites are Publix and Piggly Wiggly. I hear Western is REALLY good too, I just don't live right next to one. So, when our favorite meat goes really cheap at the Pig (they have great meat) I go buy a whole bunch! Divide it up and stick it in the fridge. We're lucky to have another fridge in garage, so excess goes down there. Publix has great BOGO (buy one get one) deals every week. And when you use 2 coupons for the BOGO, you get incredible deals. ALSO, this is a big one, they accept competitors coupons. So if Target sends out a bunch of coupons, you can stack those with the Publix sales AND manufacturer's coupons! Even more great savings! They also accept competitor's coupons that are, for example, "$5.00 off a purchase of $30 or more"!! It could be a Bruno's, Target, or WinnDixie coupon - they'll honor it! Crazy! Publix also has incredible customer service and are always friendly. My kids know ever stop in Publix...first it's the free cookie counter. Then the free balloon in the produce section. Rounding out the grocery collection is the free coloring book and crayons! Every....single....time. But hey, if it keeps them happy while I shop...keep 'em coming!

Ok, so I think that was the longest post I've ever written. And for a reason - I ain't no writer!! I do not have a wonderful way with words like so many of you are! English was not my forte. Oh well. :-)

I hope it's given you a little insight into my head. Maybe I'll start posting a little more about my savings.....and I hope I pass the "money savings bug" onto everyone who reads this little blog!

I FINALLY Wrapped My Head Around It!!

So, for the last year, I've been clipping coupons like a mad woman and tracking sales like there's no tomorrow! Sunday and Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week because that's when the coupons and ads come!!!

So, I've got the supermarkets pretty down pat. I know good meat prices and know when to use coupons on Buy One Get One Free items.

But I've been reading some wonderful blogs about incredible savings at drugstores - CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. SO......I decided I would pick one store to "learn". I chose CVS. For the past few weeks I've been studying theirs ads and reading many blogs about how to maximize your sales at CVS. I just decided to go for it and after a few mistakes I think I've finally gotten it down!

Sunday, I gathered up all my CVS coupons, Extra Care Bucks, and manufacturer's coupons and set off to my CVS!

I was floored with my savings!

First transaction:

1 Gas-X - 5.79
1 Benefiber - 6.89
1 Excedrin 100ct - 10.29

Coupons used:
$5.00 in manufacturer's coupons
$3.00 CVS coupons
$4.00 coupon emailed to me from CVS
$10.00 in Extra Care Bucks

Total Out of Pocket - $1.57
Saved - $22.00
Received - $10.00 Extra Care Bucks

Not bad...huh?

Second transaction:

4 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioners - $10.00
1 Gain Detergent - $4.99
1 Comet Cleaner - $.50
2 Cologate Toothpaste Buy One Get One Free for $2.79
10 Sally Hansen nail polishes each $.99

2 Trident Gum - $1.49 each (I had to buy these because I was -$2.85 and they won't give you money back!

Coupons used:
$10.00 ECBs from previous transaction
$5.00 off $30 purchase from CVS coupon
2 Herbal Essences $3.00 coupons ($3.00 off 2 bottles)
3 Sally Hansen $3.00 coupons ($3.00 off 2 nail polishes)
2 Colgate $1.00 coupons

Amount out of pocket:

$.43 ............yes, that cents

Like I said earlier, I had to actually throw some gum up there because I was negative in the register - AND I didn't even get to use all my Sally Hansen coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLUS - I got $2.00 back!!!


Combining both transactions, I spend a total of $2.00 cash and saved $84.89!!! And received $2.00 back!

The crazy thing is, I'm not even done!! There are "free" photo books that I'm going to get printed this week!!! And since I'm using coupons and ECBs they'll basically pay me to walk out of the store with them! I might even get some more free nail polish!! They'd be great stocking stuffers for Olivia!!

I was on a pure shopping high today!! And it felt so good!! I've had a few other good transactions, but none like today!! :-)

I gotta give a shoutout to the blogs that have made it easy for me! I don't know them personally, but they are really talented and finding great deals!

I heart CVS


Money Saving Mom

There are many more but those are what got me started!! I've also enjoyed all my friends posting their savings too! :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Yoga

Intense Side Stretch

Half Moon Pose

Revolted Triangle Pose

Eight Limb PoseTriangle Pose

Downward Dog

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

I don't consider myself too terribly old. BUT, I am too old for this. Lacey and I thought we'd have some good fun reminiscing about old times TUBING!! I told Walton not to try and throw us off, but does a 21 year old listen to his older sister??? NO!

I think he quite enjoyed himself.

And there we go. We went a few rounds and then gave up. We both had bad cricks in our necks after that and were terribly sore - but that could have also been from wake boarding the day before.

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen. :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Harmless Sparklers"

I'm not sure I have many words for these pictures. I think I understand why people get hurt so badly now. These things shoot FIRE BALLS!!! But when you're shooting them, it looks like a harmless little firework. Is that an oxymoron or WHAT?!

They look like TORCHES to me!!

One even went on Robert's flip flop!!! He ran over to it right when it went off! He wasn't hurt but the pictures we have are really funny!

The "adult sparklers". I think they were called morning glories. They were about 3 feet long and were in neon colors!

I had my camera on a tripod (I was trying) but in pitch black dark with sparklers and smoke, I was glad to get even a halfway decent shot!

From left to right: Walton, Robert, Lacey, ME, and Mac!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FOJ'O8 2

More lake fun!

After a full day of activities in leading up to FIREWORKS, we were a little bummed when it started to thunderstorm just a couple of hours before the big show. And at the lake, they're notorious for a great display!

But at the final hour, it cleared up and we decided to go. Little did we know the show was an hour late....which was several hours past the kids bedtimes.

The boat rocking didn't help my novice photography skills. The little lights on the bottom are all the boats on the other side of the lake!

Lillian enjoyed it in my lap:

Landon enjoyed it with his finger up his nose (which seemed to be a trend for the weekend - we have quite a few pictures with him like that): this was taken at about 10:30 at night!!!

Olivia drove us home:

Here we are with our blinking lights! Lacey thought it was funny to make a funny face in about 80% of the pictures this weekend! Thanks Lace - we all look so cute!

We waited until Saturday night to do sparklers! Wait until you see those crazy pictures!

Monday, July 7, 2008

In Other BIG News

No.......I'm not pregnant! :-) But we are giving birth to a new chapter in life!

This has been a very exciting few past weeks for our family, Robert in particular.

One of my favorite qualities Robert possesses is goal-setting. He has all sorts of goals in different time frames. He has goals for work, family, and personal life. He especially enjoys checking them off and moving onto the next one.

One goal in his work life has recently been reached...a little over 2 years before he wanted to! (BTW, I'm really hoping he will write a post about this with ALL the incredible details!) His goal was to be Controller of a company before he was 30.

(The definition of Controller for all you non accountant people (i.e. ME) is: Developing and implementing efficient policies, procedures, and practices is the main priority of a controller. They must oversee all aspects of the accounting department, such as budget or report maintenance and preparation. Once they are positive data has been compiled properly, they are responsible for presenting the data to management.) The next step up is CFO.

Well, 2 weeks before his 28th birthday, he was offered the Controller position for Summit Toy Company
. His first day was today and I cannot wait to hear how it was! I know that even before he started, the company was showing their good side. When we returned from the lake, there was a package on the front step. They sent the kids an ATM (toy of course) machine and a card that was hand signed by everyone welcoming Robert to the company! WOW...they're going out of their way already - and were even thinking about the kids!

Anyway, I want Robert to tell the story in all of it's glorious details - and the hand that God has played in this whole course of events over the past few years. It's amazing. Robert has been obedient, patient, and humble even when times were hard and confusing.

I'm so proud of you babe!

Here is an article about the company in the Birmingham Business Journal! :-)

Summit Toy Article


I hope everyone had an awesome long 4th of July weekend! I know we did and have some GREAT posts in store!! :-) Let's just say the new camera is SO MUCH FUN to play with at the lake!

We started off with a little food and Guitar Hero (Aerosmith Edition)....very cool game!

Followed by a full day of being out on the water. If you remember from this post, Robert's goal is to have wake boarding down pat by the end of the summer! Well, with a brand new board and a wake boarding DVD, he picked up some pretty mad skills (hehe) while we were down there. Mac, my brother in law, and Robert put on quite a show for us all weekend.

Of course, Lacey and I had to get into the action as well. I think we did pretty good.

Once we got back to the dock, it was water balloon time - for the skiers and boats that is. We love water balloon launchers - always have! So when boats (or skiers, or seadoos) would come by our dock...they were our target!

If you look closely, you can see the water balloon in the air - and the skier has his arm out trying to catch it! This boat came by maybe 10 times!

What was so funny, was that the same boats kept coming by...a little closer each time - practically asking for it!!

I think over the weekend, we made it into one boat! And all the boats seemed to get a kick out of it. Some even put their arms up like goal posts for us to aim at!! HAHA! We're probably known as "that dock that launches water balloons at you" now.

Well, that was the first 24 hours! Whew! We still have 2 more days!!!