Monday, July 21, 2008

They're Gonna Be Pros

I love weddings. They are so much fun! Especially when you really know who's getting married - like our cousin!!! It was a beautiful day and wedding!! The whole weekend was amazing...bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony....and especially, the reception!!

The 3 (married) girl cousins!

Bride and flower girl!!

Bride, flower girl, and ring bearer!! I thought he was going to frisbee that pillow down the aisle...he kept swinging it around when we were practicing with it! But he was awesome!

We were at the church a long time before the ceremony! And they kids did great with everyone - including the wedding photographer! And we only popped off one button from Landon's outfit. I can deal with least he didn't get anything on his outfit before the ceremony.

And THANK GOODNESS for blackberries...Landon played a game on Robert's phone during the ceremony and he sat still (and quiet) the whole time!!!! YAY!

The happy couple!!!! It was such a beautiful ceremony. Everything (to my knowledge) went off without a hitch! Perfect weather, perfect lighting, and beautiful couple!

And their reception was AWESOME...the band played all the right songs...none too slow...and kept the crowd going the whole time. And to a family that loves to makes the night!!

My mom, me, my dad, brother, and sister!!

Now we just need to marry off those boys!!


  1. You all looked beautiful! Glad things went well!

  2. Great photos ... I am glad ya'll enjoyed the reception! Olivia and Landon were precious!


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