Monday, July 28, 2008

You Want ME!?!?!

I had the craziest, coolest phone call the other evening with incredible potential for some really awesome opportunities!

Ok, where do I start...I'll back up a little. But I'll get right to the point. I love makeup. Yup...I do. Always have. Always will. It's fun for me and I pretty much have a least blush and mascara on ALL the time. I've even been made fun of for wearing it to the gym! (A girl doesn't need to scare anyone off now do we!) With that said, I have a special place in my heart my bathroom for all my mineral makeup. I started wearing mineral makeup over 5 years ago and haven't looked back at any other makeup since! It's so good for your skin. It was actually created for people with sensitive skin and rosacea. It's %100 natural, it's a natural sunscreen, no fillers, oils, or perfumes....and coverage is amazing. My skin has gotten even better since I started wearing mineral makeup. It's also very quick and easy to apply, no lines of demarcation, and matches skin perfectly! It's like airbrushing your face to a flawless finish.

So, my mom ordered a Sheer Cover makeup kit off late night infomercials years ago. She got me playing around with it because she could tell it was "different". I was amazed! I didn't know much about it but they had me hook, line, and sinker! I immediately got on their shipment plan.

Fast forward 5+ years. I still use Sheer Cover daily, mixed with a ton of other mineral makeup, like eye colors, blushes, etc. So a few months ago, I got a flyer in the mail from Sheer Cover saying if you send us your before and after pictures and answer 5 questions, we'll send you free makeup. Did you say FREE MAKEUP!! Where do I sign up.

Anyway, I snapped off a couple of pictures bare faced and then "all done up" and emailed them in. Got my freebies and went on my merrier little mineral makeup way.

6 pm Monday night...children hungry/whiny, husband not home yet, baby has a low grade fever (probably from teething), momma trying to cook a fancy rings. We don't have caller i.d. so I pick it up. Typical "may I please speak to Lindsay?" where you totally know they're a telemarketer. I almost hung up, but decided to spare her the wrath of Lindsay for calling during "arsenic hour" in her home.

I hear "This is soandso from Lieberman Productions with Sheer Cover calling about the pictures and questionnaire you sent in!"

I perk up and put my, 'oh, why hellooooooooo......cheery, happy-go-lucky tone of voice on'!

Long story short, they liked the answers to my questions that I sent in with my before/after pictures! They continued to interview me and really liked my story. That being the whole mom/daughters use the same makeup angle and the fact that I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids angle! COOL!! She personally emailed me asking for more pictures (close up with and without makeup on - ummm scary!!) and even some pictures with my mom and sister!!! She said I couldn't send "too many"!! CRAZY.

At the end of the conversation, she closed saying, "Now, if we wanted to fly you out to California to be in the infomercial, would that be a problem?"

With all three kids wailing in the background I said, "Let's just say, you wouldn't have to beg me!" She laughed, I told her that wouldn't be a problem, a vacation from the kiddos would be great, and we ended the conversation.

So we'll see. I'll get some more pics soon and email them in. Even if they don't follow up, I think it's pretty cool they called me personally!

But if things work may be lookin' at the new infomercial girl (or girls) for Sheer Cover!! Hehe...I'd make sure everyone caught the 2am showing! Oh, and any free makeup perks would be great too.

And to think my husband wanted me to cancel my precious mineral makeup shipments...........


  1. Let that be a lesson to Robert...;)

    That's awesome, Lindsay! Good for you!!! Now I'll have to get your autograph. :):):)

  2. That is so awesome!!! I am about to switch back to them. :) Hopefully, we'll see you on the infomercial soon!

  3. I'm not surprised! I hope they check out your blog...maybe you could get some advertising $$$$

  4. i won't hate you cuz you're beautiful! =)

  5. COOL!! Aren't you still amazed that you didn't hang up on them! :) How funny!

    I started Bare Minerals earlier this year and LOVE it!! I've never had skin problems until I moved to Bama! Now, even with the bare minerals - my skin still breaks out. When I go ANYWHERE else for awhile my skin clears right up! I think there is something in the water here! :)

  6. Lindsay, you've inspired me to get the move on with mineral makeup. I tried the Neutrogena but wasn't impressed. I finally placed my order for Bare Minerals! YEA! I know it's not Sheer Cover, but it's mineral make-up. :)
    Thanks for making me finally go through with my order! :)

  7. Melodye...SAME HERE! Whenever I have moved away from Bama my skin looks BEAUTIFUL. As soon as I come back home, it's terrible. I think there must be something in the water!

  8. that is hilarious.. okay.. but now you have to post those before and after pics for us to see! lol

  9. girls- get you some mineral make-up. i too started using mineral make-up right after lindsay turned me on to it years ago and will never go back. its worth every penny. of course i wished i looked as good as lindsay does...hehe! love you girl.

  10. coming from a girl who doesn't wear makeup often... that's a really awesome story!!! Let me know if you get called back, and when the infomercial is, I'll tivo it =)

    When I do wear makeup it's ONLY all natural mineral make-up. I know that you're very into Sheer Cover, but Whole Foods has lots of good choices too, and you don't have to have it shipped to you. But free make-up is never a bad thing!


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