Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hermit crabs.....oh, where do I start. My parents 'gifted' us with one a few weeks ago. I mean.....they 'gifted' Olivia with one. Considering I've owned a few hermit crabs in my short life, I'm sure they enjoyed giving it to us more than Olivia enjoyed receiving it.....if ya know what I mean......

Of course my mom said, "At least it isn't a Lab!!"

:: point well taken ::

So we call him Mr. Crabby. At least that's what stuck.

He was exciting at first. It's tapered off a little since then. But I'm afraid I've he's grown on me a little. I's a stinkin' crustacean!!!!!!! But we make eye contact a lot, and I know the times of day he likes over others. And I'm the one who cleans his cage and feeds him!!! We've bonded. :-)


Robert got him out after dinner and decided to "play" with him. He was holding napkins and his cage. That little critter has some strength in that one little claw.

She was mad because we wouldn't let her touch him.

Olivia did not like us "playing" with her hermit crab. She was very concerned for him. It also could be because Daddy wanted to try and pull him out!!! He didn't, and she got over it!

So....I wonder how long he'll last???

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  1. We got Patrick & Sarah both a hermit crab at the beach this year. They are miraculously still around, and it has been over a month now. I think they are actually the perfect pets for us right now: you don't have to pet them, walk them, bathe them, and they even don't have to eat everyday!


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