Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FOJ'O8 2

More lake fun!

After a full day of activities in leading up to FIREWORKS, we were a little bummed when it started to thunderstorm just a couple of hours before the big show. And at the lake, they're notorious for a great display!

But at the final hour, it cleared up and we decided to go. Little did we know the show was an hour late....which was several hours past the kids bedtimes.

The boat rocking didn't help my novice photography skills. The little lights on the bottom are all the boats on the other side of the lake!

Lillian enjoyed it in my lap:

Landon enjoyed it with his finger up his nose (which seemed to be a trend for the weekend - we have quite a few pictures with him like that): this was taken at about 10:30 at night!!!

Olivia drove us home:

Here we are with our blinking lights! Lacey thought it was funny to make a funny face in about 80% of the pictures this weekend! Thanks Lace - we all look so cute!

We waited until Saturday night to do sparklers! Wait until you see those crazy pictures!

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