Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CVS Trippin'

Since so many of you enjoyed my CVS adventures, I thought every once in a while I'd show you what kind of deals I'm getting. I know it's helpful for me because sometimes I go and buy the same group of items to get the same type of deals!

So here it is (not too much):

2 L'oreal haircare (B1G1)
1 CVS baby wipes
1 CVS baby soap
2 Trident gum (B1G1)

coupons used:

L'oreal B1G1 coupon (made the shampoo and conditioner FREE)
$2 CVS skin care coupon (made wipes FREE)
$2 CVS skin care coupon (made baby soap FREE)
$1.00 in ECBs

Total cost out of pocket: $1.07

Received back $1.00 ECB (from trident)
Basically, I paid $0.07 for all this stuff.

Also, if this makes sense, I'm working towards $5.00 in ECB from buying $15.00 in CVS baby care items. So if I break up the transactions and buy a $2.00 item (wipes/soap) everytime, and use a $2.00 coupon everytime, I'll eventually receive $5.00 in extra care bucks - but bought everything for free. (This is where I had a hard time wrapping my head around things at first!) And that, my friends, how you "make money". :-)


  1. CVS really is the greatest place to get deals and the easiest way to load up on personal care items. I LOVE it!
    You're doing great! :)

  2. I'm getting there...i'm just in awe. I cut and clipped this sunday and read all the are definitely an inspiration...keep the info coming!!!!


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