Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday iPhone Dump

Another installment of the iPhone Dump!   I use my phone ALL the time to take pics so here are a few!! :0

I have a new nephew!!  I haven't to got to meet him yet, but hoping to over Easter! :)

Cool Dude

The new Study Dates?  Facetime.  Times have changed!!

Lovin' on Ford! :)

I also have a new cousin!!  We got to go up and meet her one night after dinner!  So tiny and sweet!!

If you've wondered who Ford favors.....this is them at about the same age.  :)

After school ice cream treat.

Cookout with cousins!

So Wednesday was interesting because I had ALL the kids home when I kept Ford.  Well, Olivia (my big helper) was gone.  We managed to make it to the park and the grocery store and survived! 

Ford is getting super cute.  He's laughing like crazy and getting lots of personality!!

Landon was dying to feed him all day.  Sweet cousins!! :)

Happy Friday Y'all!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Your Kid Gets On Photobooth

I know she will kill me one day for posting those but I think they are pretty funny.  The new "rule" at our house is NO ONE touches mom's computer.  :)  But she knows about photo booth and how fun it is and she nicely asked me to play on it one day.   I told her she could until Rhodes woke up.  Didn't want him to get the wrong impression about my computer.  :)

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Day 2

Day 1 of spring break ended with a cookout at my cousin's house.  Always fun getting all the cousins together.  And nice to not have to rush home and go to bed because we have school in the morning.  :)

Today, we loaded up snacks and bikes and headed to the park with more cousins!  It's so pretty out and the breeze was just perfect.  

Crazy boy was all OVER the place climbing.  Hard to keep up with AND keep my eye on the other kids.  I think I only had 1 mother comment on how he was "making her nervous".  I think that's a record low! ;)

I also got to meet my newest cousin AB!  That's her big sis giving her a sweet kiss. 

SO tiny and cute!

Notice Rhodes in the background.  Landon rode his bike the whole time.  He's my little biker. 

These girls are too cute!  They play really well together!

Even Ford came out to play. 

We have a couple more fun things planned this week.  A visit to the HUGE park near our house with the 3 story slides and even a visit to the $1 movies!  We may even just eat popcorn for dinner that night. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Day 1

Spring break is upon us and we are hanging out around here.  Yesterday, since the golf courses are closed by my parents house, we loaded up our nets and headed to the creeks.

Ford came too! :)

The sprinklers were on too which made it SO much more fun! :)

They didn't catch and minnows but they DID catch a huge turtle.

The kids absolutely LOVED it and want to go back.  I have lots of memories playing in these creeks and it was fun to see my kids makin' memories too.

Highlight of my day?!?  Getting my stitches out!  YAY!  My hand still has a good bit of healing to do but I'm glad they are out.  No more sticking my hand behind dryers.  :)