Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Day 2

Day 1 of spring break ended with a cookout at my cousin's house.  Always fun getting all the cousins together.  And nice to not have to rush home and go to bed because we have school in the morning.  :)

Today, we loaded up snacks and bikes and headed to the park with more cousins!  It's so pretty out and the breeze was just perfect.  

Crazy boy was all OVER the place climbing.  Hard to keep up with AND keep my eye on the other kids.  I think I only had 1 mother comment on how he was "making her nervous".  I think that's a record low! ;)

I also got to meet my newest cousin AB!  That's her big sis giving her a sweet kiss. 

SO tiny and cute!

Notice Rhodes in the background.  Landon rode his bike the whole time.  He's my little biker. 

These girls are too cute!  They play really well together!

Even Ford came out to play. 

We have a couple more fun things planned this week.  A visit to the HUGE park near our house with the 3 story slides and even a visit to the $1 movies!  We may even just eat popcorn for dinner that night. :)

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