Friday, March 16, 2012

Slow Office Redo

Finally last weekend we had time to tackle my little office.  I evicted my old desk and decided a large table would be better.  But first we needed to paint.  The color on these walls was terrible!  I wanted something fresh and crisp.

I'm currently obsessed with Sherwin William Balboa Mist.  It's in our bathroom and I want to re paint the whole house this color!  It turns blue, grey, green,'s very versatile! 


Still a before but these are the curtains I chose.  Soft sheer curtains that really diffused the light.  Love it!! 

We also plan on re carpeting a neutral color.  The carpet is pretty much un-salvageable and when we have a free weekend we plan on tackling it. 

The "after" for now.....

LOVE THIS WALL COLOR!  And you can clean it easily... :)

Along the wall under the kitchen windows, my grandfather is building me a bookshelf/cubby area.  Here is his rough sketch.

Hopefully all my things will have a their own space.

Finally the kids computer (my old one) will go in the back corner.  It's primed and waiting for something to happen.  Don't quite know what we'll do yet.  Glaze or something.  That desk on the left will go away. 

Then all I need is a filling cabinet that will go under my desk to the left.

Oh and I plan on doing something to my table.  Antique it or something. 

Robert also spray painted the fan that was in there and it looks SHARP!!  He also spray painted my new chair ($7.99 from Jimmy Hale Missions Center) black and I really like it.  I'm thinking of painting the little chest under where y bags are hanging black as well. 

Just a few more details to be completed and then I will finally have a nice space to call my own.  I want this room to be highly functional - not something that's used as storage (like it was before a little).  The room is small and needs to be managed wisely.  I want things up here that are seen or touched on a daily/weekly basis.  All the things that keep our family running smoothly!!

Hopefully we can tackle a few more things this weekend!!!

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