Friday, July 27, 2012

hidden baby diaries #3

****Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has commented/texted/emailed/called to congratulate us!  So many kind encouraging words that touched my heart very much!!*****

So here we are again!!  11 weeks 2 days - I had my 3rd appointment today.  My doc picked up the heartbeat quickly on my tummy and it was in the 150s/160s. 

BUT, now we're faced with the decision on when to tell.  My sis knows and I'm pretty sure she's ready for me to spill the beans too since she's had to "lie" for me a few times.

I swear I feel like people know!!  I've had so many people ask more than normal!  Am I giving off pregnancy vibes or something???  B/c I've tried not to get near the subject.  I'm not "showing" and I'm pretty sure no one has seen me at the doctor's office....I've never been so paranoid about something like this!!

Hopefully within the next week we can tell our families.  Then maybe some close friends.  Don't know when we will go all blog/facebook public.  We will see.

I have had a few friends announce their pregnancies recently...the funny thing is that they are due AFTER me!  When I see them and congratulate them, all I can think of is, "if you only knew my secret!"  hehehe

Like I've said before, we are going to find out with this one.  And as Robert put it, "I only want to find out if we can put it in an envelope and do something fun!"  Sounds good to me!!  Lacey and I have been discussing fun ways....stay tuned...she's had some GOOD ones!!

As far as I'm feeling...sluggish, tired, occasional nausea, HEADACHES!!!  But overall good - good enough to keep up with all these kiddos all summer!!

If I stay on the same track I've been on as far as appointments go, we should be finding out around September 4th!  Right before Rhodes' 3rd birthday! 

Until next time! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

hidden baby diaries #2

Written June 19th - Lillian's Birthday

So this past week was a little crazy for me.  I went from sick almost all day every day to NOTTA!  No headaches, no nausea, nothing.  It was weird.  At first I was like, yes, I'm feeling better.  But then I felt that the complete loss of symptoms wasn't a good thing.  With my loss before Rhodes, my body kept telling me I was pregnant even though I wasn't.  So I couldn't get that out of my head.

I finally caved and called my doctor's nurses.  And they were SO KIND!!  They didn't think I was crazy for feeling the way I felt and let me come in immediately!

After I dropped the kids at VBS, I scooted on up to the doc.  He talked with me for a sec and tried to find the heart beat on my belly.  At first he though he found it but it turned out to be MY heartbeat beating as fast as a baby's should be.  He told me to slow my heart beat!  Ha!

So I was escorted back to ultrasound.  Honestly, I would have much rather found it on doppler.  Going to ultrasound upped the nervousness for me.

But, as soon as she put that machine on me, there the little bean was.  Heartbeat 170 bpm and measuring 8 weeks 2 days.  Everything looking perfect.


I was sure to go and thank the nurses that were so understanding.  Dr. J was so sweet as well. 

So now I can push all negative thoughts out of my head and look forward.  Lillian's birthday is TODAY and I'm so glad I didn't get bad news before having to go celebrate her.

I told Dr. J that 5 years ago today I was here having Lillian!!  He delivered her around 1:00 pm!!

I was told to come back in 3 weeks :)  So far so good!!  Just counting my blessing that I'm feeling better!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hidden baby diaries #1

I've never done this before but I've seen others do it and thought it was interesting.   I'm calling this the Hidden Baby Diaries.

Written June 11  (6 weeks 6 days)

SO....I'm pregnant.  YIKES!

Fri May 18th: had a positive preg test - complete denial - but thought could be false positive.
Sat May 19th: had a positive DIGITAL test - told my sis.
Sun May 20th: told Robert.  Yes, I waited 2 days.  hehe  It took him about a week to process.  Also, I have NO idea how far along I am.

We proceed to go on like nothing has changed the next week.  I finally make a prenatal appointment.  With a history of blighted ovum (empty uterus w/ pregnancy symptoms) I get in fairly soon and easy.

For 2 weeks I have complete mixed emotions....way up and way down.  I can't talk about it with anyone.  And I can't help but reminisce about my loss before having Rhodes.  I had to have 2 DandC's due to complications and have fear of reliving that pain - emotionally and physically.  I just want to get to June 5th (first appointment), see a heartbeat, and THEN we can proceed from there. (i.e. talk/plan, make it real)  If anyone has experienced a loss, you know the feeling.  And it doesn't matter how many kids you already have. 

June 3 starting to have waives of nausea.  Not too bad....think it's in my head.  Also realize it can be a good thing.

June 5 is here - appointment day.  Nerves galore!  I'm taking Rhodes with me and Robert is meeting me up there since I due for ultrasound first.  The minutes crawl by.  Pretty sure the nurses are thrilled to see me again.  ;)  The nurse says my blood pressure is up.  Um, yeah, ya think?  I'm nervous!

Ultrasound goes well!  I'm 6 week 2 days on the dot and the heartbeat is 115 bpm!  Everything looks good!  Due date January 27, 2013.  My doc kinda teases Robert and I.  We all giggle a little bit because Robert had THE appointment scheduled for March and neither of us had a peace about it.  I guess the Lord had other plans.

The next week is not too good.  I feel TERRIBLE!  And have to "hide" it.  I'm exhausted and sleeping 10 hours/night and taking naps almost everyday.  I'm also getting terrible headaches!

Olivia almost catches me in my "operation cover up pregnancy".  She opened my phone and saw a pregnancy app.  Now, to be honest, I've had this app on my phone for a WHILE.  I like to see how far along my friends are sometimes and this app tells me that info.  But she comes in my office and says, "Mom, are you pregnant"  I say, "Why?"  she says, "I opened your phone and saw a pregnancy app"  I said, "You don't have to be pregnant to have a pregnancy app on your phone"  she then says, "Well you lied to me about Rhodes" (remember she had just turned 6 when we told her!)


We left it at more slip ups for me!!

Other than the occasional sideways glance from me and Robert when anything "baby" comes up, we don't discuss "IT" much.  We know that it will be a shock to many if not all our friends and family.  To be quite honest, I have moments of sheer panic myself as well.  At this point, I do not even own a crib anymore.  And that's just the beginning.

OH, I will find out this time around.  After finding out with Olivia/Landon and NOT finding out with Lillian/Rhodes, I feel that you bond much better with the baby knowing ahead of time.  I found myself in shock the first 2 days after the "surprise babies" and it took me a little longer to mentally wrap my head around the gender.  And I'm calling it now...I think it's a girl! :)  But I've been wrong every who knows!

My sis and I have been brainstorming on how to actually tell the world about this new little one and then HOW to reveal the gender.  

Hopefully we can come up with something super fun and unique!!

Stay Tuned!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

30, 10, and #5

Turning 30 just barely kicks off all the milestones this year will bring!  While 30 is huge for me, 10 is how many years Robert and I will celebrate in a couple of months!  TEN years together!!  Crazy!!!

Ten years together will also bring......

BABY #5!!

Oh yeah!  We will be adding to our family in January!  An unexpected blessing but a blessing indeed!!  Please join us in praying for this baby and this pregnancy!  Healthy baby and smooth pregnancy!!

*i have a few little "hidden baby diaries" posts that i will share about the first trimester! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Big 3-0

Well, it finally arrived!!!  My newest decade - 30!!  YAY!  I am quite ready to join the ranks of all my 30s friends!
Robert was super awesome and put together a perfect (last minute) celebration.  I didn't have to do one thing but show up!
Good food, good friends....good times!!

If you aren't new around here, you know that Robert is always trying to photobomb our pics.  I told him, I will keep posting them until you quit photobombing our pictures!!!

Here I am saying (with a smile on my face) you better stop it...I'm gonna post all the bad ones!!!

He finally gave me a good one...and I refrained from posting the other 10 photobombed pictures!

The food was so yummy!  Cocina Superior!!  It hit the spot!

And the cake...oh the cake.  There is only ONE thing I want right on my bday...a good cake.  I told him it better not be a publix cake (no offense, just for my bday, I want a different cake) and he acted like he already ordered it from there.  But then it was from Olexa's!!  YUM!!!   Sadly, there wasn't much left after all the ladies got a hold of it!

Yes, giddy about cake!

Thank you to ROBERT who pulled everything off and covered every detail!  I now know what you are capable of!  HA!  I loved spending the evening with close friends and good food and fun!!
Here's to the best decade yet!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Most Successful Pinterest Recipe Yet!

I don't normally post about food, but this was too good not to pass up!!  And it was just meant to be made since the recipe popped up TWICE in my google reader yesterday!  Once at La Buena Vida's blog and once in Skinnytaste's blog.

Needless to say, I had to try it.  And Lacey was coming over for dinner so I knew she'd be up for venturing out and trying a new recipe. 

The only thing is, we wanted to make it "light" and decided to make it vegetarian.  Instead of sausage, we sauteed garlic, tomatos, onion, and 2 morning star veggie patties in the saucepan.  Filled the "boats" topped with light marinara and some cheese.

THEY WERE SO GOOD!!!  Hit the spot completely!!!  To top it off, we picked some fresh figs earlier in the evening, and put on little goat cheese and wrapped them in prosciutto.  Toasted them a bit and the were DELICIOUS!!

I wish my kids would eat these...maybe I will try and squeeze them in for a dinner one time.  I was pleasantly surprised at how this pinterest recipe worked out and how versatile I could make these!  I've had some that don't quite turn out like I thought they would! 

Go cook some zucchini boats today!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

All Day Beach Day

The downside of "going out" at the beach is that you have to come in early and get ready and beat the crowds.  Because another thing we LOVE LOVE LOVE doing at the beach is staying ON the beach til about 7:30 or so! 

So the last 2 days, we really made it a point to come in as little as possible!

The kids and Robert caught TONS of fish.  They would keep them in a bucket and it kept Rhodes busy all day.  He would pick them up and throw them back......

The last few days there were some sand bars in front of our umbrella.  It was so nice because it broke up some of the bigger waves and made it really calm and shallow.  Lillian even got in and boogie boarded!!

Landon lived on the sand bars those days...the child hardly came out of the water!

One night I was able to get some pictures at that beach "magic hour" of light.  We were all in our bathing suits!  I just don't think I have it in me to take everyone in, get showered, and dressed up in all white anymore.  :(

When did my baby become such a big little boy!!

Rhodes trying to kiss Lillian!

And finally, our family beach shot!!  Even though Robert and I are a tad bit out of focus, the fact that EVERYONE is looking and smiling makes up for it!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach: Day Whatever :)

There are a few things we've made traditions for our annual beach trip.  One of those is going to Baytowne Wharf and eating and hanging out.  There is lots going on and also really good food!!

#YOLO!!!            ("you only live once" - for all like me that didn't know that until recently!) ;)

We love the Biebs!!

Mr. Sorry For Party Rockin'........NOT! ;)

Olivia got her feather again!

The three of them did the ropes course again.  Last year Robert made Landon do it.  This year he did it with MUCH less hesitation.  Though he didn't want to ring the bell. 

My other 2 munchkins sat nice and still and cheered on Olivia and Landon.

VERY proud of them!!

Also, Olivia did it BAREFOOT!

We also carve out time one morning to go to The Track.  It's 2 for 1 tickets and a much better deal for our family!

The other traditions that have stuck are walking down to the Back Porch and eating lunch.  We actually did that twice this year.   I've been walking down there since I was just a little babe!!  And I've been coming to this condo since I was in my momma's tummy!!!!

We also hit up the Destin Harbor one night.  We eat and watch the boats come in and clean fish.  We've also been there when the WWII planes do a flyover.  Which is especially special since it was Dr. Zeiger's buddies that do it in the same type of plane he flew.

One other thing we've done for the past several years is do some sort of shrimp boil/bake.  The kids have taken to peeling and eating their own shrimp VERY well.  Which is better than my sister and I can say.  HA!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach Pic Comparisons

32 weeks preggers with Lillian

28 weeks preggers with Rhodes

Rhodes 9ish months


I will have to keep taking these over the years!  They are so much fun!!!