Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Big 3-0

Well, it finally arrived!!!  My newest decade - 30!!  YAY!  I am quite ready to join the ranks of all my 30s friends!
Robert was super awesome and put together a perfect (last minute) celebration.  I didn't have to do one thing but show up!
Good food, good friends....good times!!

If you aren't new around here, you know that Robert is always trying to photobomb our pics.  I told him, I will keep posting them until you quit photobombing our pictures!!!

Here I am saying (with a smile on my face) you better stop it...I'm gonna post all the bad ones!!!

He finally gave me a good one...and I refrained from posting the other 10 photobombed pictures!

The food was so yummy!  Cocina Superior!!  It hit the spot!

And the cake...oh the cake.  There is only ONE thing I want right on my bday...a good cake.  I told him it better not be a publix cake (no offense, just for my bday, I want a different cake) and he acted like he already ordered it from there.  But then it was from Olexa's!!  YUM!!!   Sadly, there wasn't much left after all the ladies got a hold of it!

Yes, giddy about cake!

Thank you to ROBERT who pulled everything off and covered every detail!  I now know what you are capable of!  HA!  I loved spending the evening with close friends and good food and fun!!
Here's to the best decade yet!!

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