Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach: Day Whatever :)

There are a few things we've made traditions for our annual beach trip.  One of those is going to Baytowne Wharf and eating and hanging out.  There is lots going on and also really good food!!

#YOLO!!!            ("you only live once" - for all like me that didn't know that until recently!) ;)

We love the Biebs!!

Mr. Sorry For Party Rockin'........NOT! ;)

Olivia got her feather again!

The three of them did the ropes course again.  Last year Robert made Landon do it.  This year he did it with MUCH less hesitation.  Though he didn't want to ring the bell. 

My other 2 munchkins sat nice and still and cheered on Olivia and Landon.

VERY proud of them!!

Also, Olivia did it BAREFOOT!

We also carve out time one morning to go to The Track.  It's 2 for 1 tickets and a much better deal for our family!

The other traditions that have stuck are walking down to the Back Porch and eating lunch.  We actually did that twice this year.   I've been walking down there since I was just a little babe!!  And I've been coming to this condo since I was in my momma's tummy!!!!

We also hit up the Destin Harbor one night.  We eat and watch the boats come in and clean fish.  We've also been there when the WWII planes do a flyover.  Which is especially special since it was Dr. Zeiger's buddies that do it in the same type of plane he flew.

One other thing we've done for the past several years is do some sort of shrimp boil/bake.  The kids have taken to peeling and eating their own shrimp VERY well.  Which is better than my sister and I can say.  HA!

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  1. Fun memories! Dr. Zeiger was my husbands doctor that did his back surgery. Love all the beach posts!!


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