Friday, July 27, 2012

hidden baby diaries #3

****Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has commented/texted/emailed/called to congratulate us!  So many kind encouraging words that touched my heart very much!!*****

So here we are again!!  11 weeks 2 days - I had my 3rd appointment today.  My doc picked up the heartbeat quickly on my tummy and it was in the 150s/160s. 

BUT, now we're faced with the decision on when to tell.  My sis knows and I'm pretty sure she's ready for me to spill the beans too since she's had to "lie" for me a few times.

I swear I feel like people know!!  I've had so many people ask more than normal!  Am I giving off pregnancy vibes or something???  B/c I've tried not to get near the subject.  I'm not "showing" and I'm pretty sure no one has seen me at the doctor's office....I've never been so paranoid about something like this!!

Hopefully within the next week we can tell our families.  Then maybe some close friends.  Don't know when we will go all blog/facebook public.  We will see.

I have had a few friends announce their pregnancies recently...the funny thing is that they are due AFTER me!  When I see them and congratulate them, all I can think of is, "if you only knew my secret!"  hehehe

Like I've said before, we are going to find out with this one.  And as Robert put it, "I only want to find out if we can put it in an envelope and do something fun!"  Sounds good to me!!  Lacey and I have been discussing fun ways....stay tuned...she's had some GOOD ones!!

As far as I'm feeling...sluggish, tired, occasional nausea, HEADACHES!!!  But overall good - good enough to keep up with all these kiddos all summer!!

If I stay on the same track I've been on as far as appointments go, we should be finding out around September 4th!  Right before Rhodes' 3rd birthday! 

Until next time! :)


  1. Congratulations! I've been reading all your hidden baby diaries and what a cute a cute idea - wish I would of thought of it - but like you I don't think we talked about #5 for a while (I was quite in denial) so I don't know if I could have even written anything down! I had I idea you were so young - if you get on the Allen plan you could easily have 10 by the time you're 35 :)

  2. Congratulations! I love following your blog! Such a sweet family with inspiring parents!


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