Thursday, July 26, 2012

hidden baby diaries #2

Written June 19th - Lillian's Birthday

So this past week was a little crazy for me.  I went from sick almost all day every day to NOTTA!  No headaches, no nausea, nothing.  It was weird.  At first I was like, yes, I'm feeling better.  But then I felt that the complete loss of symptoms wasn't a good thing.  With my loss before Rhodes, my body kept telling me I was pregnant even though I wasn't.  So I couldn't get that out of my head.

I finally caved and called my doctor's nurses.  And they were SO KIND!!  They didn't think I was crazy for feeling the way I felt and let me come in immediately!

After I dropped the kids at VBS, I scooted on up to the doc.  He talked with me for a sec and tried to find the heart beat on my belly.  At first he though he found it but it turned out to be MY heartbeat beating as fast as a baby's should be.  He told me to slow my heart beat!  Ha!

So I was escorted back to ultrasound.  Honestly, I would have much rather found it on doppler.  Going to ultrasound upped the nervousness for me.

But, as soon as she put that machine on me, there the little bean was.  Heartbeat 170 bpm and measuring 8 weeks 2 days.  Everything looking perfect.


I was sure to go and thank the nurses that were so understanding.  Dr. J was so sweet as well. 

So now I can push all negative thoughts out of my head and look forward.  Lillian's birthday is TODAY and I'm so glad I didn't get bad news before having to go celebrate her.

I told Dr. J that 5 years ago today I was here having Lillian!!  He delivered her around 1:00 pm!!

I was told to come back in 3 weeks :)  So far so good!!  Just counting my blessing that I'm feeling better!


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Had to come over to your blog after seeing the pics on instagram! Yay! Congrats! Don't let anyone get you down with crazy comments about five. One of my very best friends had her fifth not too long ago and she will go to town on anyone who makes a rude comment about it. Babies are a BLESSING!!! Happy Anniversary and welcome to the 30''s such a blissful age. You finally start to realize exactly the wife, mom and person you are meant to least I did :).

  2. Congrats on baby 5!! So exciting. I am loving these hidden baby diaries as well, so fun!

  3. Love these diaries! So very excited for y'all!


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