Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T-Day Highlights

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we're into the Christmas season!!  I didn't take nearly enough pics of my fam over Thanksgiving.  But I just couldn't stop takin' pics of Baby Ford!! ;)

But we, and by we I mean Robert, built a potato cannon!  SUPER easy and fun!

We even spray painted it!

And what's even more shocking is that it worked on the FIRST try!

Somebody needs a haircut.  I think they both do. ;)

Of course, there's bound to be silly moments. 

No animals were harmed over the weekend.  ;)

Ford attended his first bon fire.  He loved it.  ;)

And we sang some songs and it was SO much fun!  Just what else shall I blog about?  Suggestions??

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Which He Takes Over The Blog

Seriously...I should just put him in the header or give him his own little corner on the blog.  BUT, over Thanksgiving, my gorgeous sister and her gorgeous family did a little photo shoot. 

So in no particular order, here are a few of my favs!!

If only he knew how crazy and awesome his parents are.  :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camo Buddies and Sausage Balls

It's that time of year again!! SAUSAGE BALLS!  The kids are out of school today so we've been baking and cooking all day!!

These two are really into wearing camo these days.  Like EVERY day.  :)  I guess it could be worse.

While the sausage balls were cooking, I ran out and grabbed some shots of these too getting along extraordinarily well today.  :)

Sweet Buddies! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend in the Woods

This past weekend was youth hunt and some friends of ours invited us down to their hunting camp!  So we loaded up our camo and kids and headed down.  Almost immediately, Landon wanted to shoot a gun. 

He got to play around with a bb gun and then they pulled out a youth .22 rifle.  SUPER fun and he was a great shot!!

The kids just ran around and seemed to never find boredom!  They found a little "friend" that they played with for a while.

There was also "beach" area that they stayed at most of the time.  The weather was warm enough to kinda get into the water and not freeze to death!

More shooting guns.....Rhodes wanted to get his hands on them SOOOO bad. 

Robert took Landon out that afternoon.  Robert couldn't carry a rifle - it was still bow season for adults.  They didn't see any deer that afternoon.  But some other guests were there and his son shot at a deer and thought they hit it. 

So, after watching the beautiful sunset.....

We loaded up in the truck and 4-wheeler to go and track it.  It was VERY exciting for the kids!

Unfortunately, they didn't find any blood trails, but just looking around int  the woods with their flashlights was fun enough I think.  ;)

We had a blast hanging out with friends!  I definitely want my kids to enjoy being out in the woods.  And hopefully one day Robert and Landon can hunt regularly together.  :)