Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T-Day Highlights

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we're into the Christmas season!!  I didn't take nearly enough pics of my fam over Thanksgiving.  But I just couldn't stop takin' pics of Baby Ford!! ;)

But we, and by we I mean Robert, built a potato cannon!  SUPER easy and fun!

We even spray painted it!

And what's even more shocking is that it worked on the FIRST try!

Somebody needs a haircut.  I think they both do. ;)

Of course, there's bound to be silly moments. 

No animals were harmed over the weekend.  ;)

Ford attended his first bon fire.  He loved it.  ;)

And we sang some songs and it was SO much fun!  Just what else shall I blog about?  Suggestions??


  1. Hey. I know I never comment, but I'm still a faithful stalker and I miss you!!! You never post anymore! If you really ARE looking for suggestions, I'd love another post on some of the products you use to look amazing, maybe different ways you stay organized with all those kids (I'm more than struggling now that we've added number four, and she's almost a year old already!!) and maybe some logistics about how you handle things like bathtime, prepping for dinner, just the basic logistics of having a large family.
    And don't be freaked out that I said I miss you, okay? You were my very first blog I stalked, way back, oh gosh, maybe 2008? Have you been blogging that long? Anyway. Those are just my suggestions, not trying to be demanding or anything :)

    Oh, and maybe some photography tips?

  2. Any updates or good things to share from your Growing Kids?


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