Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuck it Away Til She Gets Married :)

We had school pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Just another day but I still reminded the kids to "smile pretty!"

So, that day, when I picked Lillian up at 1:00 (she gets out earlier that the other 2) her teacher just said, "Lillian didn't want to have her picture taken."  I thought, "Figures, and I know the exact face that she made too!"

Then I thought, shoot, I wish they would have taken one anyways - thinking that they took NONE and we wouldn't have anything to remember her first school year by. 

Well, well, well.......when I picked up the kids from school the other day, Olivia said, "I have mine and Lillian's school pictures!!"

I said, "WHAT!?!?  Give it here!"

And lo and behold they TOOK A PICTURE AND SENT IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!

Gold people.  GOLD!!!  THANK YOU random school picture people for knowing I would love this picture more than a "perfect" one!!

I asked the teachers about how that morning went down and they said that she just wasn't having it.  They got her to sit up there for one pic and then her chin went down some more and she turned her head around and she started crying.


She has some serious spunk this kid. 

But don't think all this "spunk" won't get some pay back one day.  Two words.


Yep, I'll be tucking this one away!

And not to out shine the other 2 kids, here are their pics!!  Nice and sweet!!


*is there a big game this weekend or anything???


  1. We got a VERY similar picture last year...they take pics at Daycare, who knew?? Anyways, they sent home proofs and there was one where Will was semi-smiling, but I totally ordered the grumpy face because I knew it would be a precious memory in about 25 years :)

  2. Honestly, we LOVE the funny and/or grumpy pictures more than we do the "perfect" ones. They're truer representations of our kids! ha

    Gotta love school pictures!

  3. That is hilarious! We have pictures at school this week and Evey has already shown me the face she plans on is bad! But so funny to look back on.


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