Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camo Buddies and Sausage Balls

It's that time of year again!! SAUSAGE BALLS!  The kids are out of school today so we've been baking and cooking all day!!

These two are really into wearing camo these days.  Like EVERY day.  :)  I guess it could be worse.

While the sausage balls were cooking, I ran out and grabbed some shots of these too getting along extraordinarily well today.  :)

Sweet Buddies! 


  1. Do you mix your sausage balls in your Kitchen Aid stand mixer? I've never thought of that-I've always mixed by hand, and using the mixer should would keep my hands a lot cleaner!

  2. Love how they are playing so well together and they look presh in camo-Sounds like my house!

    I have a silly question please ma'am. I have done this a few weeks ago and can't figure out how I did so I can do it again. How to transfer my pics from my iPhone to my computer. Can you please help me?? Thanks so much ;)


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