Friday, April 29, 2011

The Easter Bunny Was A Tad Late

Look what we found!  Well, my dad found it.  A little baby bunny!  My dad found it in his yard and sent it home with us to let it go, but I don't know if we can!  We think that if we let it go, it'll just get eaten by something else!  It's so tiny!!!

It's pretty cute.  And let's you hold it!

I mean, look at that little face!!!

(Please ignore my kids nasty fingernails.  We were headed to baths right after these pics!)

The kids have been so sweet with it!  Robert even bought it some chicken wire to make it a little place to stay.

I have to say, at first, I was not too thrilled.  But then I held it. 

She, yes I think it's a she, is so tiny and cute!!!

So what should we do!?!??  Keep it, let it go???   Anyone  ever caught and kept a baby bunny before!???

UPDATE:  We let the little bunny go back with her friends!! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 Ducks and A Little Boy

I'm not sure there needs much text with this post. The pictures really say it all!

*NO ducks were hurt, they were returned safely the next day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter + Baby Ducks = AWESOME!

Easter this year was a blast!  When I was growing up, every once in a while for Easter, we would get baby chicks or ducks!  We haven't done it in a few years, so this year we stayed home and got to hang out with my side of the family!  Obligatory family photos....

Most of the great grand kids!  We are missing 2 and then there are 2 buns in the ovens coming soon!

Silly Rhodes!

Then we brought the ducks out!  They kids loved them!!! 

Lillian named one "Lillian".  She kept calling it and calling it!  It was hilarious!

I'm happy to report that no baby ducks were hurt this year!  The kids were super gentle....most of the time! ;-)

Even Landon!  He loved the little ducks...sometimes they would follow him around!

Then we easter egg hunted!  It was a long day for us and we were super tired at the end!

But i was so much fun!

Why no pictures of Rhodes and the ducks???

Because, that deserves and entire post to itself!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Auntie's Got New Baby Nephew!

Here are some more pics from the Gender Reveal Party!!!  Mom has a blue and pink ribbon from all my kiddos, so she decorated the door with them!

Rayne, Mac's sister, brought a cake!!!  YUM!

Mac pretty much came in and started setting up the game!

We all took turns!  I would say it took roughly 20 minutes.  A long 20 minutes! ;-)

This is Mac doing the last few matches saying, "It's a BOY!  It's gotta be a BOY!!!"

Lacey's ultrasound nurse did a GREAT job!  She picked out the "boy" symbol and taped it to the inside of the envelope that included the "i'm a boy" pics! ;-)

We decided to eat the girl section of the cake!

I HAVE A NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!

And the official 18w 1d belly bump pic...I threw myself in there too.  It's funny, in the background, you see a wedding pic of mine, Lacey's Portico magazine cover, a baby pic of Olivia and family pic of my family when Lilian was like 8 weeks old.  ;-)

Another random little fact, Lacey and play Words with Friends on our iphone and ipad.  The night before she found out, I played the word "ford".  And then nagged her about all the words she's been playing that I've never heard of.  (Lallands? Kora? Ain? Avo?  comeon...)  And she made the comment, is it a sign?!?  Because Ford is one of the names up for grabs for the baby.  He will likely be a IV named after his daddy.  Anyways, thinking back she was RIGHT!