Friday, July 6, 2012

All Day Beach Day

The downside of "going out" at the beach is that you have to come in early and get ready and beat the crowds.  Because another thing we LOVE LOVE LOVE doing at the beach is staying ON the beach til about 7:30 or so! 

So the last 2 days, we really made it a point to come in as little as possible!

The kids and Robert caught TONS of fish.  They would keep them in a bucket and it kept Rhodes busy all day.  He would pick them up and throw them back......

The last few days there were some sand bars in front of our umbrella.  It was so nice because it broke up some of the bigger waves and made it really calm and shallow.  Lillian even got in and boogie boarded!!

Landon lived on the sand bars those days...the child hardly came out of the water!

One night I was able to get some pictures at that beach "magic hour" of light.  We were all in our bathing suits!  I just don't think I have it in me to take everyone in, get showered, and dressed up in all white anymore.  :(

When did my baby become such a big little boy!!

Rhodes trying to kiss Lillian!

And finally, our family beach shot!!  Even though Robert and I are a tad bit out of focus, the fact that EVERYONE is looking and smiling makes up for it!!!!


  1. love the fish kiss pic (& the tan lines in Rhodes' neck). So cute!

  2. Your family is just so beautiful...seriously! And I love that Lillian is wearing her big white bow on the beach! I can't tell you how many comments I have gotten about the girls bows that they wear, since we moved down hre to sarasota. It's so funny. People aren't usedto the southern bow wearing girls! Seriously, one day we were at comcast and all the employees stopped working and got up to see my girls and how they were dressed and their bows. Histerical. But we are going to keep on wearing them! Can't take the southern out of a girl! Miss you guys!


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