Monday, March 19, 2012

Updated Coupon System

So with this whole "get my life organized" overhaul that is happening, I was forced to update my coupon system.

I file my coupon inserts.  I save 13 weeks of inserts.  Each week, I grab the back file, throw out the inserts from 13 weeks ago and bring it to the front of the files with the NEW inserts in it.

My problem was the labels.  I didn't want to have to pull out the little white label, write a new one and stick it back in.  So I am using a dry erase marker on the plastic part of the label!

I added a couple of more files at the front for extra coupon books, and loose coupons. 

I'm very excited about this! (the little things, ya know!)  Because my old files really needed to be redone! 

Happy Couponing!!

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