Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well Stuff Started Happening

JUST when I tell you nothing exciting was going on around here, things started heating up.  :)

First, my computer just started going downhill fast.  I had a mac mini which I loved and it worked so well for me for almost SEVEN years!!  But then I couldn't update it anymore because to Apple, it was ancient and was basically dead to them.  Yikes. 

Then the ethernet plug went out and I could only connect through wifi which was spotty at best.  So my hubby let me get....

****Cue angels singing****

So I've been setting it up and transferring everything.  Trying to stay organized because I plan on makin' this baby last another 7 years!!  I'm super excited about being able to burn all our home videos!!

We are also re-doing the office!  I've got a new desk and curtains and my grandfather is building me a bookshelf/cubby area.  Robert painted and we are re-carpeting soon.  As soon as I can USE MY HAND AGAIN!  (more on the office later)

Yes, my hand.  If you follow me on Instagram you know but I had to get SEVEN stitches last week!!!

Last Thursday night I was trying to fix the dryer.  The nob to turn it on had fallen off and I unbolted the back and stuck my hand between to metal panels to push it back up through the hole and was SHOCKED by 220 VOLTS of electricity! 

Let that sink in.

So trying to get my hand away as fast and I could, the front panel caught a good chunk of skin on my hand.  I yelled for help and then freaked out the kids with some tears.  I'm sure the blood running down my arm didn't help.  Robert wrapped it up and told me to go call my dad.

So I drove down to his office so that he could look at it and possibly stitch it up. 


So seven stitches later I headed home.  Friday I had to go and get a tetanus shot.  OUCH!  2 days after that I could hardly raise my arm! 

Today is the first day I haven't been scared to really use it.  I keep it wrapped because it's ugly and I don't want to bump it. 

Robert's been a huge help doing things that I just can't do right now.  And Monday they will come out!!  YAY!  I figured we would make it fun and take a "field trip" down to Daddy Doc's office.  I loved going down to Dad's office when I was little.

I hope get back into my blogging since I have a computer I don't dread using now.  :)


  1. Yay for a new computer!!! And so sorry about your arm. What a blessing your dad could take care of that for you and three cheers for helpful husbands!

  2. so sorry about the hand. OUCH! I LOVE love love my iMac and iCloud! Have fun playing with it!!


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