Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday iPhone Dump

Another installment of the iPhone Dump!   I use my phone ALL the time to take pics so here are a few!! :0

I have a new nephew!!  I haven't to got to meet him yet, but hoping to over Easter! :)

Cool Dude

The new Study Dates?  Facetime.  Times have changed!!

Lovin' on Ford! :)

I also have a new cousin!!  We got to go up and meet her one night after dinner!  So tiny and sweet!!

If you've wondered who Ford favors.....this is them at about the same age.  :)

After school ice cream treat.

Cookout with cousins!

So Wednesday was interesting because I had ALL the kids home when I kept Ford.  Well, Olivia (my big helper) was gone.  We managed to make it to the park and the grocery store and survived! 

Ford is getting super cute.  He's laughing like crazy and getting lots of personality!!

Landon was dying to feed him all day.  Sweet cousins!! :)

Happy Friday Y'all!!

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  1. Happy Friday Friend! Hope you have a wondeful weekend :)
    Great pics, thanks for sharing!


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