Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This past weekend Robert's brothers came in town to visit.  After a lot of golf, a baseball game, and a birthday party, we got to just hang out, grill out and play.

Landon is very strong.  Like for real.  So he's been hitting BOMBS to the outfield (consistently too!!) in his games.  After 2 years, I see him finally coming into his own in baseball.  He is trying and listening to his coaches and getting really good. 

The coaches have him at left field and pitcher.  Left field when we have a team hitting the ball out there because Landon has a great arm and can get the ball in quickly.  Once, he threw the ball from left field all the way to home plate and *almost* got the player out.  Awesome play regardless.

Saturday evening we played in the driveway.  This little princess loves getting her bathing suit on and playing in water. She's my water baby!  Well, they are all water babies! :)

We play a little ball in the driveway.  Lillian thought she was going to get in on it.  :)  She's making her serious face. 

Rhodes is going to be playin' ball so early.  He loves it and will probably know the game better than Landon did when he started just because he will have grown up at the ball park.  :)


Playin on the plasma cars IN the pool.

Doing a little dance.  She is always dancing. 

Getting baseball lessons with Uncle Kyle.

Love Landon's face here.  He loves Uncle Kyle!!

Hopefully they will come back soon!  (and bring the significant others!!)  hint hint **

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