Monday, April 9, 2012

New Nephew

This past weekend over Easter (more on that later!) I did a impromptu, very informal baby shoot.  Baby K is 6 weeks old and super cute.  I had no "props" or anything.  We just grabbed a blanket and pillow and went outside in the shade.  I really enjoy the "no pressure" of it being a job.  But then when you get some cute shots, it feels great!  Love doing this for my family. 

Here are a few!

Looking at Mommy!

My sweet sister in law!

Big sister!~

Then he turned on the super cuteness and started smiling!!

Afterward, all the other cousins came out.  I pulled out and snapped some shots.  He loved all the attention!

Baby K was quite a hit over the weekend.  All the kids enjoyed cuddling with him!  Next time I'll see him he'll probably be sitting up!!!  Or crawling!  Who knows! 

Had so much fun with family this weekend!!

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