Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Politically Incorrect....For Toddlers??!!

We we at the library yesterday for a Bug Sing-a-long. The summer reading theme is "Catch the Reading Bug".

So, they started singing a children's song that I've been singing for forever. It starts out with cupping your hands together and singing, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee, Won't my mama be so proud of me..."

The second verse used to go "I'm squishing up a baby bumble bee..." (because it stings your hands) and third verse "I'm wiping off a baby bumble bee..."

Apparently, they don't sing it that way anymore. They just keeping singing the first verse over and over! And the "hand motion" they use is like swinging a baby in your arms!!! I burst out laughing and said, "They must have changed the words!!!!"

The sweet librarian sitting a few feet from me leaned over and said, "It's not politically correct to sing, 'I'm squishing up a baby bumble bee'!"

Seriously! These are little children. I loved singing it the other way.

It's sad we have to change the words to kids songs for fear of offending someone.....heaven forbid we offend a 3 year old!!!


  1. Wow, I'm glad I wasn't at the library yesterday when that happened. I probably would've asked the librarian, "Do you seriously think a 3 yr. old will be offended by singing that?" And another thing, how many boys (and I'm sure some girls) have Squished bugs! I know Win has at least once a day! I'm sure Landon does too :) too funny and very typical of our society unfortunately.

  2. I can't believe that!
    That's crazy!! I LOVE that song!

  3. people need to get a grip.

  4. That is hilarious! We have a DVD with the Baby Bumblebee song on it and they go through all the verses. :)

    Before long we won't be able to say much nor will we be able to pass down cute things we learned as kids. We are in such a controlled environment and before long there won't be any fun left for childhood! Our kids can't play outside for hours on end running through the woods/neighborhood with friends b/c some creep may be lurking about. They can't sing bumblebee songs b/c some childs sensibilities may be scarred thinking of a bumblebee dying. Life consists of death but don't tell anyone!


  5. That's really funny!

    That is Asher's favorite song. Tristan learned it at school (minus the squishing part) and taught it to us. Asher LOVES it and sings it whenever I start it. He cups his little hands and moves them all around and sings. It's SO sweet!
    "Bumblebee" is the word that is most pronounced when he sings. :)

    My ob/gyn was talking about how everything is so politically correct for kids these days. He was talking about how there is so much that we don't allow kids to see, sing, do that we all did (like Bugs Bunny and other things). It bothers him too. :)

  6. If it makes you feel any better Bates knows it the real way.

  7. wow.. i don't even know how to respond to that one. That is just ridiculous. was the librarian serious?


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