Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Harmless Sparklers"

I'm not sure I have many words for these pictures. I think I understand why people get hurt so badly now. These things shoot FIRE BALLS!!! But when you're shooting them, it looks like a harmless little firework. Is that an oxymoron or WHAT?!

They look like TORCHES to me!!

One even went on Robert's flip flop!!! He ran over to it right when it went off! He wasn't hurt but the pictures we have are really funny!

The "adult sparklers". I think they were called morning glories. They were about 3 feet long and were in neon colors!

I had my camera on a tripod (I was trying) but in pitch black dark with sparklers and smoke, I was glad to get even a halfway decent shot!

From left to right: Walton, Robert, Lacey, ME, and Mac!

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