Monday, July 28, 2008

CVS Trippin'

Back by popular demand (again!), I'm posting my weekly CVS trips!!

First transaction:

1 Stayfree pads $4.50
1 Stayfree pads $4.50
1 Johnson baby wash $3.99
1 Johnson baby wash $3.99
1 Listerine mouthwash $4.00
1 CVS makeup removing cleansing cloths $2.99
4 Trident gum $1.49 each

coupons used:

listerine $0.50
johnsons $1.00
johnsons $1.00
B1G1 Stayfree $4.50
CVS skin $2.00
ECB $15.98
CVS $3.00 off $15.00 purchase
ECB $1.00

TOTAL out of pocket: $1.75

RECEIVED back: $14.00 for johnsons products, gum, and CVS towlettes

Second Transaction:

2 Starbursts bags $5.00 (don't tell my kids!) :-)
2 Gummi Lifesavor bags B1G1 $2.19
6 Reeses Cups $3.00 (those aren't going to last long around me!)
1 Bandaid $2.99
1 Revlon eyeshadow $9.99
NEWSPAPER (not pictured - but bought just for the coupons) $1.50


bandaid $1.00
Gummi lifesavers B1G1 $2.19
CVS $3.00 off $15.00 purchase
ECB $10.00
ECB $5.00
ECB $1.00
ECB $1.00

Total out of pocket: $1.95 (I basically paid for the newspaper - it would have been pennies if I hadn't gotten that!)

Received back:

$16.99 ECB from Revlon, bandaid, and candy!

I saved a total of $64.81!!!!!! And spend only $3.70 out of pocket! Pretty good, eh!?

A couple of things that I want to pass along.

1) ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!! (I thought this idea was stupid at first)
I would say almost 1 out of 5 "strategic shopping" trips, something goes wrong on the receipt! Whether it's a wrong price, or a coupon that they added instead of subtracted (big one!), you want to make sure it's correct!! I usually do this in the car before I pull out of the parking lot! I had to go back in yesterday because the computer wasn't giving me my rewards for the candy! And they were more than happy to help me!

Now that I've been frequenting a few CVS stores around town, the cashiers are starting to recognize me. Now, we're not on a first name basis (YET!), but they are getting pretty friendly. For example, one pushes coupons through for me if they've expired. I also a little short of making $30 mark so that I could use a $5 coupon and he pushed it on through anyways! WOW! They will also give me the ads ahead of time and even check in the back for items that are out on the shelves. One even gives me tips on getting the most out of my shopping trips and ECBs!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend and gears up for a great week! I officially have the kids home 24/7 until school starts. Pray for me! :-) I know God will give me the patience and energy. I'm just afraid other responsibilities will slip! Surprisingly, ::note the sarcasm:: I'm not perfect...and also seriously disorganized! But hey, I've become pretty domesticated over the past 6 years. Considering I never mopped a floor or ironed a shirt before I got married, the fact that I can halfway run a household with 3 small children and not lose my head too terribly often - well, we'll call that significant change!! I'm living proof it can be done!! :-)

So we'll see how often I get to post in the coming weeks!! :-) Who knows, I may have some pretty incredibly funny stories come along! :-)

My friend Annie posted this quote one time - it's pretty much sums me up!

"Keeping house is like threading beads on a string with no knot at the end."


  1. Great deals, Linz! :)
    Where did you get your $3/$15 coupon? Mine are all expired. :( Did they push that one through for you?
    As for knowing your clerks, that makes a HUGE difference. I am learning the names of all the nice ones. I LOVE them. :):):):)

  2. annie quote is dead in!!


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