Monday, July 7, 2008

In Other BIG News

No.......I'm not pregnant! :-) But we are giving birth to a new chapter in life!

This has been a very exciting few past weeks for our family, Robert in particular.

One of my favorite qualities Robert possesses is goal-setting. He has all sorts of goals in different time frames. He has goals for work, family, and personal life. He especially enjoys checking them off and moving onto the next one.

One goal in his work life has recently been reached...a little over 2 years before he wanted to! (BTW, I'm really hoping he will write a post about this with ALL the incredible details!) His goal was to be Controller of a company before he was 30.

(The definition of Controller for all you non accountant people (i.e. ME) is: Developing and implementing efficient policies, procedures, and practices is the main priority of a controller. They must oversee all aspects of the accounting department, such as budget or report maintenance and preparation. Once they are positive data has been compiled properly, they are responsible for presenting the data to management.) The next step up is CFO.

Well, 2 weeks before his 28th birthday, he was offered the Controller position for Summit Toy Company
. His first day was today and I cannot wait to hear how it was! I know that even before he started, the company was showing their good side. When we returned from the lake, there was a package on the front step. They sent the kids an ATM (toy of course) machine and a card that was hand signed by everyone welcoming Robert to the company! WOW...they're going out of their way already - and were even thinking about the kids!

Anyway, I want Robert to tell the story in all of it's glorious details - and the hand that God has played in this whole course of events over the past few years. It's amazing. Robert has been obedient, patient, and humble even when times were hard and confusing.

I'm so proud of you babe!

Here is an article about the company in the Birmingham Business Journal! :-)

Summit Toy Article


  1. congrats! God is so faithful!

  2. Yay, Robert! That's great!!!

  3. Tell Robert we said Congrats!!!

  4. That's AWESOME news!!!! Way to go, Robert!!! :):):):)

  5. That is great! Praise God for His faithfulness!

  6. Congratulations! I'm very happy for your family!

  7. YAY~ for new chapters!!! that is awesome! congrats to you all


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