Monday, July 7, 2008


I hope everyone had an awesome long 4th of July weekend! I know we did and have some GREAT posts in store!! :-) Let's just say the new camera is SO MUCH FUN to play with at the lake!

We started off with a little food and Guitar Hero (Aerosmith Edition)....very cool game!

Followed by a full day of being out on the water. If you remember from this post, Robert's goal is to have wake boarding down pat by the end of the summer! Well, with a brand new board and a wake boarding DVD, he picked up some pretty mad skills (hehe) while we were down there. Mac, my brother in law, and Robert put on quite a show for us all weekend.

Of course, Lacey and I had to get into the action as well. I think we did pretty good.

Once we got back to the dock, it was water balloon time - for the skiers and boats that is. We love water balloon launchers - always have! So when boats (or skiers, or seadoos) would come by our dock...they were our target!

If you look closely, you can see the water balloon in the air - and the skier has his arm out trying to catch it! This boat came by maybe 10 times!

What was so funny, was that the same boats kept coming by...a little closer each time - practically asking for it!!

I think over the weekend, we made it into one boat! And all the boats seemed to get a kick out of it. Some even put their arms up like goal posts for us to aim at!! HAHA! We're probably known as "that dock that launches water balloons at you" now.

Well, that was the first 24 hours! Whew! We still have 2 more days!!!


  1. Looks like fun!!!!! It seems you adults still have that inner child within!!! THAT is AWESOME!!!!!


  2. HOW FUN!
    I think Channing and I were both really missing the lake this year. :( It was great seeing my parents, but there's nothing quite like being at the lake on the 4th.
    Glad you guys had a blast!!!


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