Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where Did These Children Come From?

Lately, I haven't done much grocery shopping alone. I used to drop a couple of 'em off while Olivia was at school and get to do it by myself. Which was glorious. But now, since they're all under mamma's wing for the summer, they are dragged along with me on my shopping excursions. Most of the time, they're actually pretty good.

Funny story real quick...One day, while I was on the phone with my sis (which is almost twice daily), she was shopping in Walmart. Well, through the phone I heard a mom say, "If you don't shape up, I'll tear you up right here in the store!!!!!" ...clearly talking to a kid who was misbehaving. I have definitely been "that mom" before. We laughed quite a bit after that.

Anyway, the shelves at WallyWorld can be so tempting for my sweet kids' hands. Even strapped in the cart, they manage to find things to touch.

So, I'm about ready to check out and finally find an aisle where there were only two carts completely full waiting in line - and it was the shortest. BK (that's before kids) I would have normally said, "Yay, get to read all the magazines!!" AK (that's after kids) I say, "Shoot, gotta keep them from walking out with candy, toys, goodies, etc!"

Since only one fits in the front seat of buggy (Lillian) and I need room to unload groceries, I usually let Olivia and Landon down while I pay and load the cart. Half the time, I'm saying, "Put that back! NO, no candy! Stop opening all the toys!"

BUT, this time, I looked over and found the kids organizing all the toy cell phones and cameras and pens that are in the checkout aisle. Not only were they cleaning them all up, they were color coding them in the boxes!!!

By the time I paid, they organized, very neatly I must say, the toy cell phones, toy cameras, and glitter pens by box, row, and color.

Then, both held the cart and walk obediently to the car with me.

I'm thinking they were possessed by aliens that day.


  1. HAHA!!! that is tooooooo funny!!!
    the other people in line probably thought they behave that way all the time! and we thinking "WOW!!! what a great mom!!" which of course you are!!

  2. Can they come to my house?

  3. Can they come train my boys on proper grocery store behavior?! We went today and it wasn't a fun trip! I eventually had to make S&E fold their hands and not to say another word until we left!


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