Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 Decades...What Do You Do?

Even though we celebrated Sugar's 80th birthday last weekend, this past Saturday was her ACTUAL birthday.  So what do you do after 8 decades???

You ride 4-wheelers, sea doos, and go tubing!  Right!?

Photo courtesy of Lovey's iPhone

We waited for Sugar to come by on the tube....

A little friendly, parent supervised, wrestling.  Robert was keeping score.  Can't remember who one.  But it was funny.

Here she comes!

Do you know of any 80 year old great grandmothers that tube?!??

"Hey Shu Shush!"

Go Sugar!!

Taking a dip.

After a day floating in the water, we decided to meet up with friends and tube/wake board/slalom/ski. 

Don't these two look so much alike here??  So cute.

Then we headed back to our place to cook out and ski some more.  The lake was so smooth on our way home, we decided to book it!

Lil wouldn't even open her eyes.  I know I've never told y'all about her, I promise I've had a post waiting for MONTHS about Lil.  Maybe I'll post it this week since I can't edit pictures - and if I can't process them, what's the point in taking a ton anyway.


I'm hoping we can get Landon wake boarding one day!  I think learning it young is probably MUCH easier.

I actually slalomed this weekend.  It took my I think 3 or 4 tries to get up!!  AWFUL!  But once I was up, it was good.  I have no proof though so I'll probably do it again before summer's up.  I try and do it at least once a summer!

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  1. I hope I'm that awesome at 60!!!! Way to go Sugar!!!


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