Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday iPhone Dump!

This man....

Played a 152 point word on me the other night on words with friends.  CRAZY!  It's his first ever game and he's killing me.

I often put my kids to work.  Landon's a great helper and I'm so glad their old enough to help out!!

We always clean in style.  ;-)  Olivia is organizing her drawers in the back ground.

While I was at the doctors office for TWO HOURS with FOUR KIDS.....

I was looking through a magazine and saw this:

Seriously WHAT will they come up with next.  And do you think they've made and sales??

Just a funny pictures of Robert brushing Rhodes' teeth.

Me and Lillian about to go out to dinner.

Rhodes scaling the railing and scaring strangers to death at dinner. 

Lillian getting in on the action. 


Sun bathing.


Everyone wants to feel baby Ford move!!

We love free ice cream from Bruster!!

Like I said, I put my kids to work.  I will take what I can get.

Looking at old photo albums!

Getting windblown at the McWane center.

Face to face with a tarantula. 

We got to see the scorpian, tarantula, and hissing cock roaches!

Silly Audrey.  The kids put a star on her. 

My silly sushi date.

Best bday card ever.

And the fact that it has a cat on it is just icing on the cake. 

Sometime I ask myself the same question.  ;-)


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  1. I love the part about cleavage wrinkles! I wish I had enough time in the day to worry about such things! ha
    And as for "Wore slap out"...I say this ALL the time and I figured that everyone says that. One of my Yankee friends (ha) thinks that is the wierdest saying EVER. Thanks for being proof that "everyone" says it!


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