Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing With More Fire

Before heading over to a friend's house on the REAL 4th of July, we stopped by the fireworks store.  I have never been in one but WOW, it could blow at any minute.

We picked out some morning glories, poppers, and then THIS:

And this was was just $50.  Fire works are EXPENSIVE!!!

Props to photographers that can take good pictures in the dark.  It is tough!  And I couldn't quite figure out the best settings.  I just jacked my ISO up to 1600 or 2000. 

Then I had to be SUPER quick to focus when any firework was going off so that my camera could find something to focus on. 

Add in a 22 month old clinging to your leg because he thinks he's going do DIE!  Made is slightly difficult.  ;-)

I think this is my favorite shot.  You can tell that my camera was able to get good focus.  At least for being 9:00 at night, no flash, and super high ISO (which causes grain).

I love this one too....his little expression is so cute.  "WOooooW!"

I'm not sure who had more fun.  The kids or the daddies!

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