Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOJ'11 (1)

It was a beautiful weekend to be a the lake.  We did lot of tubing (as usual) and Margaret (Walton's WIFEY) was completely initiated into the Rader family!  She thought we were gonna "putt putt putt" behind the boat when she agreed to tube. 

Robert was driving...I don't know what she expected!

Lillian and Walton watched safely from the boat.  Walton thought it was hilarious!

So fun having them around for a long weekend!

A little golfing on the lake.  Don't worry, no one shot at any boats or anything.  :)

Loving that little toothless grin.  He FINALLY lost his first tooth.  The tooth fairy got a big fat 'F' on dollars too.  We had to send him back in to "look high and low" for it.  Oops.

More to come..........

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