Monday, July 11, 2011


Y'all, it was time.  My computer just HAD it up to HERE with me.  I have a mac mini (which I LOVE) and it's 5 years old.  I guess on it's 5th birthday (pretty close, I got it summertime) it threw a temper tantrum.  Well, I guess I exacerbated it a little.  I was trying to free up space (down to 1 GB) and must have deleted some important things. 

After trying to repair with my Snow Leopard disk, I was forced to wipe it clean and start over.  All my files that I would have been upset about losing are on my external drive.  Music/movies/PICTURES!

But it's all the little "customized" settings I had.  All my bookmarks - even though most of them are saved in google reader and my brain.  The kids bookmark is gone - they'll have to rebuild that one. 

And also all the websites I've asked my computer to "remember" for me.  GONE. 

So I'm being forced to start over.  Which is hard, but also, I think I needed it.  My computer is basically BRAND NEW.  With 51 GB of space now.  WOW.   Even thought that's relatively small for most computers.  Again, that's why I have a 500 GB external hard drive that is about 3/4's filled up!

I will probably cringe or cry a little when I realize what I "really" lost. 

Oh, and PHOTOSHOP!  :(  I used Photoshop and Bridge to edit my RAW pictures.  So I may just dabble with iPhoto and their RAW settings until I can get Photoshop back on. 

BUT I did manage to edit this weekends pictures before the big crash.  I will post soon!!

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