Thursday, July 7, 2011

FOJ'11 (2)

More hanging around at the lake.  Lots of pictures....

Lillian was feeling brave and wanted to tube.  Not so much once she got out there.  I give her one more year before we let her get away with hanging out in the boat the whole time.  ;-)

Obviously, Olivia and Landon really enjoy tubing. 

Sunday night we shot some fireworks.  We had a couple of REALLY great ones.  We are learning which ones to get from the store!!!

We also got to hang out with sweet Ashley and meet her fiance Chris!!  SOOO glad to see them and hear their "love story".   Don't they make a gorgeous couple?

It's after hours that things really get interesting. 

And those are the only two pictures I can show ya! 

Na, we were good.  Mostly.  But is sure is fun getting all the adult couples and cousins together!!  Fun times!!!

Now who wants to get tickled???  ;-)

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  1. Love the one of Rhodes riding in the boat. It looks like he's going about 90 miles an hour! ha


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