Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanging Around

A typical Sunday evening at our house is cooking a laid back dinner, hamburgers this night, and paying outside.  I usually consists of some kinda of ball activity with the boys.  And the girls, well, they didn't come out much.  :-)  I think Olivia was busy inside doing something.  We are definitely moving into the tween phase.  Just barely.  But I think I'm getting glimpses.

Rhodesie boy just ran around and played his little heart out.

Leave it to Landon to get crazy on Lillian's bike.  He asked me to take this picture. 

Love, love, love little squishy toddler legs. 

We, and by we I mean Olivia/Landon/Robert, are growing a couple of plants.  I seriously have a BLACK THUMB and cannot grow anything.  BUT, also our yard don't get any full sun.  And it's hard to grow veggies that need full sun in a yard without full sun.  Which I'm really not complaining about because it makes it so much more tolerable to play outside.

Landon is growing jalapenos and Olivia is growing cherry tomatoes. 

Oh, she made a quick appearance with her rapunzel doll.  That she wanted me to put a rubber band and bow in her hair just like her own. 

LOVE this pictures.  Look at that sweet face!  I really hope he plays baseball again. 

You would never know that he stuck his tongue out at me just hours before.  And told me I tried to "kill him" for helping him put his goggles on at the pool (I think goggle bands pulled his hair).  Perseverance.  Consistency.  Loving Discipline.  Whew...he keeps me on my toes.

And he's getting a hair cut THIS WEEK!

Bite? Bite?  Rhodes has a spatula with mud on it.  Think he's been watching the girls "cook"?

Future baseball boy!!

Oh yeah!!

He's ready.  Do they have a two year old division??

Can you tell I have my photoshop back up and running!?  SOO happy to get that back on.  I didn't enjoy iphoto and RAW.  Glad to be back in my photo routine.  


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