Monday, July 18, 2011

Tour of Ford's Nursery

Lacey is still in the decorating and organizing stage of Ford's nursery.  I went over there to help her go through clothes and give her some input on what she NEEDS and what she may want to return for other things.  There are only so many baby towels he needs!  You know, that type of stuff. 

I snapped a few pictures while I was there.

Here is looking in from the doorway.  Lots of things still need to be hung and the mattress has yet to be put in the crib. 

So if anybody is curious, the bedding and curtains are from  The crib is Pottery Barn.  She is also getting a gliding chair and carpet....should be arriving soon.  And the chandelier is from At Home.  She thinks it's an Aiden Grey. 

Below is a headboard  that Lacey upholstered herself with pewter velvet fabric.  She covered the bench herself.  AND she painted the painting.  Did I mention I have one crafty sister??

Here is one of the chest of drawers.  She had this for the longest time and hated it.  So she stripped it,  painted and glazed it.  Our grandfather built a (removable) railing to go on top and it will be the changing table.  She has yet to put a pad in.   :-)

Here is the area to the left of the crib.  Another smaller chest of drawers that she painted and glazed.  On top are miscellaneous items.  She plans to hang pictures of her and Mac and the picture with a bunch of old pictures is Mac's great grandfather...the original Donald Russell.  (Correct me if I'm wrong here Lacey!)

On either side of the crib, our grandfather Poppop built some custom shelves!

Here is what Ford will wear home from the hospital!

So sweet...I love all detail!

It was fun just going through baby things.  Making lists of what she needs, labeling drawers, making return piles.  I'm glad we did, because we realized she needed baby hangers!  You just forget about some of the little things. 

I also went through my stuff and pulled out all of the tiny little outfits that I borrowed from my mom that my little brother wore!  Happy to pass them onto Ford. 

So that is the beginning.  Hopefully everything else will come together and I can post more pictures when it's done. 

She will have 9 weeks left come Wednesday.  Or 2 months from Thursday.  Which is the 21st!  WOW, can't believe it's so soon.  Things are really winding down now!!


  1. Looks beautiful! How wonderful to have a handy grandfather!

  2. Ford's got one beautiful room!


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