Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nothing Like The End

Wow...time is flying. We've been busy busy busy! :-) I have felt like a new woman this week and it's wonderful. At this rate, I think I could be pregnant a bit longer....though I don't really want to be pregnant any longer.

The kids are still loving school! It's fun to see Landon come home with his papers and be so proud of them! We are really working on writing his name. I've tried to work with him in the past but he just wasn't interested. But now that he's in SCHOOL, he wants to learn! Go figure.

Olivia's doing great too! Her phonics and reading are still strong! One of the kids favorite times now is to climb in my bed with me and read! Even Lillian likes to snuggle under the covers and sit still some times. So now I'm trying to figure out what big chapter books that we haven't already read to start reading with them each night - especially after the baby is born! Suggestions? We've read many of the good classic childrens's kinda tough to find ones we haven't read yet that they would enjoy at their age!

Miss that hair! :-)

We've just been prepping for baby. There isn't much that I absolutely needed before this baby was born. But leave it to the end of pregnancy to have things flood your mind that you probably need to have in the house by the time you bring the baby home!

I did go to the fire station to get the base of the car seat put in and they WOULDN'T. Because of their "car seat installation" certification, they cannot legally put in car seats over 6 years old. Well, that put a little fire under my bottom to get a safe one asap!

Yes, I know we can put our own car seat in. And we have before and will if we change seats. But they say that 8/10 car seats are put in wrong. And there is just something comforting about knowing that it was put in and registered by a bunch of certified firemen. We done it with each baby. Plus, seriously, it's hilarious to watch 5 huge firemen wrestling around my car with a baby seat! It's nice knowing that it's in really tight to bring my tiny, delicate, precious little baby home from the hospital.

Sugar - recognize that shirt!?!?!

So once we get that installed I think we're ready to go!!! I see my doc in the morning (who I haven't seen in a couple of weeks) and look forward to talking with him about the next week or so. I also think I need a refresher on where to go and who to call and when to call!! :-)

And finally, one funny story about the kids. I don't know about you guys but we like dessert around here. So on special nights, we bake cookies with the kids! Nothing fancy, just the delicious ones from Pillsbury that are already cut out!

Well, the other night, Robert and I were already settled on the couch and neither of us wanted to get up and put the cookies in. So we let the kids prep the pan and dough. Well, it finally came time for one of us to get up and check on what the kids were doing.

This is what I found.

So the kids picked the oldest pan we had - and i think it's from the dollar tree...don't judge! :-)

They prepped them alright. And taste tested them too - like ONE bite off of EVERY cookie! I'm just surprised they didn't eat the whole darn thing! Silly kids. Can't blame them though. I'm sure they learned it from me. :-)


  1. I am so excited that your due date is getting so close! I can't wait to see baby!!!

    Reading wise...have y'all read any of the Little House on the Prairie books? We LOVE them! Even T3 (who is 2.5) likes to listen to them. They are filled with good, wholesome truth. The third in the series (Farm Boy - I think it's called) is very boy friendly. We're currently reading The Tale of Despereaux and the chapters are really short and the kids are enthralled.

    PS I love the pic of the "taste tested" cookies!

  2. Have you read any of the Soup books by Robert Peck?? I used to LOVE those!

  3. I always loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle sp? or something like that. They're cute and funny...

  4. I've always had a thing for firemen, so I don't blame you for taking your carseat there first! :-)

    And as far as feeling like a new woman... watch out! I always do that just before going into labor.

  5. I think I would buy a new carseat just to watch the firemen. Hey, you could video it for the rest of us if you do! lol
    On the books, this past year we've done aesop's tales (a collection that we read one per night and lasted a cpl of weeks) and the little critter collection. We've also done those "other side of the story" books about the classics, like snow white and the other side of the story by the queen stepmother.


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