Monday, August 31, 2009


And I say that as a good thing!!

Our weekend was quite uneventful compared to last weekend and last week. Last week started with an overwhelming event and didn't stop there! Along with that (I don't even want to speak it back into our life), Landon also got a throw up bug. Yeah. So I had said I'd rather have the throw ups than {the other bug} but I didn't mean BOTH!

So this week is bound to start off better! I'm looking forward to settling into our school routine and getting things back to normal here at the house.

Also on the agenda for the week - PEDICURE! :-) Can't have feet that don't look nice when you're at the hospital! ;-) I'm even considering making a packing list for the hospital - in case Robert has to pack my bags! :-)

Here are some pics from our one outing this weekend - our cousin's 4th birthday party! So Abby and Elaine...if you want any of these pics, just let me know! ;-)

These boys are hilarious together! I told them to make funny faces and show me their muscles!

So sweet! I'm telling ya...Landon really needs a brother.

Too bad I had another dream this baby was a girl. That's 3 dreams for girl and 1 dream for boy. Hmmm......we shall soon find out!


  1. He will have a brother very soon! I know I'm not Miss Cleo but I am certain!!! Call me this afternoon!

  2. I still think it's a boy!!! If not I guess y'all will have to keep going=) Love the pics!!


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