Monday, August 3, 2009

Ole Miss Mom at an Ole Miss Wedding

How grateful we are to have been a part of such a wonderful weekend! Everything to my knowledge went off without a hitch! It was fun to catch up with old friends and see where everyone is in life now!

Olivia was a great flower girl. She was very attentive to the bride and her needs. So much that one time I had to tell Olivia to stop.touching.the.bride. I was so worried some beads were going to fall off or her veil would be stepped on. THAT would have been bad.

She made it down the aisle...just a tad nervous. But she did GREAT!

She was a trooper through LOTS of photos.

The Mr. and Mrs. :-)

But all that hard flower girl work paid off when Olivia got to dance the night away at the reception! She danced with everyone. And of course, collected all the chocolate and goodies for Lillian and Landon that she could stuff in all of Daddy's pockets!

Of course, we enjoyed our night as well! :-)

I have some more to share but I still not quite running at full speed yet. I'm sure it'll take me a few days to resettle in our routine. The countdown to school is ON and we are making sure everything is in line for that. I just need to keep this baby in until then! Because sometimes, I swear it's trying to come out already!

Then once were in the swing of school, it's baby time - which still doesn't feel real yet. Oh well. Can't think about that today. Have to think about that tomorrow. ;-)


  1. you are so beautiful.. wow. Stunning.. I love that baby in that belly! That dress was precious. And Olivia looked great!! Im glad everything went well. I hope you get some rest.. but coming back home probably won't allow that to happen.. LOL.

  2. You look FANTASTIC, Lindsay!!! And what a beautiful little flower girl Olivia was! Hope your feet are feeling better :)

  3. You all looked beautiful! What a gorgeous flower girl Olivia was, and you look great in that color! :)

  4. The dress looked awesome!! GOOD PURCHASE!!!

  5. ummmm...LOVE the dress!! and Olivia looked beautiful,as always!! hope your feet recover quickly;)

  6. you did great in buying that dress (and it being on sale!) but I thought you weren't supposed to look better than the wedding couple, oh well, guess its that pregnancy glow and that gorgeous color on you! lol just kidding, olivia looked beautiful and my how handsome your hubby looked! congrats on everything lindsay!


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